zupee apk download

zupee apk download

Zupee Ludo Gold App Review, Earn Money & Referral Code 2022

Play multiplayer online games on Zupee to instantly win real money. You must occasionally use games as enjoyment or a way to pass the time in your daily life. like Carrom, Snakes and Ladders, and Ludo. To make money by playing games in this situation, download the Zupee apk download from the app store. Additionally, earned funds will be available for withdrawal or instant UPI bank transfers (Paytm, PhonePe, Google Pay).

Friends, that is why today we will properly explain to you what the Zupee app is and how to get money there by playing games. In essence, this is a review of the zupee Ludo Gold app to help you decide whether to use it to play the game or not. We will also provide you a referral code in addition to this so you can receive a tonne of bonus money. The experience of “Play Games & Win Real Money” lets start about zupee app.

What is zupee app? (zupee apk adownload)

Zupee App is a game-playing and money-winning app for Android and iOS. where playing games like Ludo, Snakes & Ladders, and Carrom can win you money. This is the ideal illustration of how to play online games and win real money.

Anyone may download and register the Zupee app from the website and start playing games like Ludo Gold for real money. There is a referral process as well. You receive compensation if you use your referral code to sign up a user for the zupee app. You can either withdraw money through UPI or transfer your winning money directly to a bank account.

Let’s find out why the zupee game software is so popular. What are the benefits and characteristics that draw you to play games and make money in them, after all?

Benefits of Using the Zupee App to Play Real Money Games.

Quick Withdrawals: The major benefit of using the Zupee app to play games is that you may instantly deposit any winnings into a bank account or UPI.

Completely Legal & Secure: This is a confirmed, legal, and 100 percent secure gaming programme. This zupee ludo gold software is 100% safe and legal, thus it doesn’t contain any scam of any kind.

Exceptional Cashback: The majority of games that are available as applications have the option to play online and win real money. While downloading the zupee app is advantageous for playing Ludo, Carrom, it also occasionally offers cashback.

27/7 Competition: More than 2 crore users have downloaded this application, and more than 10 crore rupees are earned playing games in it every day, according to the Jupi website. As a result, the event always takes place despite the absence of participants. 27/7 is accessible whether you choose to play at midnight or throughout the day.

Authentic RNG Dice: Random Number Generator is the full name or full version of the term. This also belongs to the technology sector. It certifies the website and app and issues them with its seal. Actually, the ranking or score you receive when playing the game ought to be precise rather than arbitrary. This has the RNG company’s certification.

Dedicated Customer Support: – The Help and Feedback features should be present in all gaming apps. in order to communicate our difficulties with them and solve them. The zupeei app offers dedicated customer care so that you can have your questions answered.

Available games on the zupee App

zupee is, incidentally, well-known for being the Ludo Gold App. However, in addition to this, there are other frequent games, which we just mentioned in the paragraph above. They go something like this 

Ludo supremeLudo ninja
Ludo turboCarrom ninja
Trump cards maniaSnakes and ladders plus

Referral code for Zupee App 2022

In addition to the referral code, there is a 10 rupee signup incentive available. When registering, you can use zupee’s iplg4rb code. By the way, you can refer your friends to the app by establishing your own referral code once you have successfully registered or logged in.

Zupee.Com Users2.3+ Crore Downloads
Game Rating4.4+ Ratings | 72 Lakh+ Reviews
Zupee Games5+ Games Available
Sign-Up Bonus(Up-to 110 Rupees)
Download LinkGet Zupee App Here »
Refer & EarnRs.40/Refer | Max. ₹350 Extra (Disabled)
Referral Code79XXXBNRYF
Cash Prize Pool₹885 Cash (Winning Balance)
Minimum WithdrawalOnly 1 rupee
Payout OptionUPI & Bank Transfer

How to get money on the Zupee gold app by playing games-

By the way, we’ve already talked about how to make money with the Zupee app. However, we still want to walk you through the entire process of making money by playing games on the Jupi app. Here are the ways

When I hear the name of the zupee Gold App, I assume that it is a purely amusing application where we can just play games. But just so you know, Zupee Gold is a real money generating programme that allows us to make money as we play online games. In Jupi Gold, there are numerous ways to make money. Let’s learn about all the ways to profit from Zupee Gold.

zupee apk download

1.Earn money from zupee ludo With Signup Bonus-

get paid to play Zupee Ludo Use Signup Bonus to Zupee Gold offers a Rs. 50 welcome bonus when you open a new account. If you win a game while using this sign-up bonus, you can effortlessly transfer the money to your bank accounts

Let me add, however, that you will only receive a free sign-up bonus if you download Zupee Ludo from an offer link on a website. If you want this Rs 50, click on the referral link we’ve provided below and download the Jupi app. zupee Gold App Download »

2. In zupee, you can get money by playing online games.

Although there are several games available to play on it, Ludo is probably the most well-liked one. With the app, you can risk money and play the Ludo game with random participants. You are rewarded if you win that game.

Since the money you win while playing games on Jupi is absolutely real, you may withdraw it whenever you want and use it however you like by using bank transfers and UPI.

‘Try it: Fivein is a simple money-making software where all you have to do is guess the colours to earn money. In this, up to 9,000 can be won per second. Now that you are aware of fivein, you can use it to your advantage to make money.’

3. Earn money by referring the zupee application

Zupee Gold gives us fantastic Refer and Earn incentives so we may make money. The offer states that we can make up to Rs. 100 per referrer when we recommend someone. This offer can help you earn well if you have lots of friends and family.

4. Make Money Playing the Carrom Game with zupee Ludo

Since we were young children, all of us have played carrom. Playing this game is simple and a lot of fun. On the app’s homepage, you may locate Zupee Gold, which is the currency this game has been released in. This game is available with a variety of entry fees.

5. Playing snake and ladder earn money from zupee app

You must have enjoyed playing snake ladder as a kid. You can now play this game on a mobile device. You can use the game to make money in addition to playing it. This game is a lot of fun to play in Zupee Gold.

6. Earn money by taking part in zupee Gold events

Zupee Gold App sometimes hosts competitions in which many players take part. People in these competitions receive compensation based on their placement. In the event that you win the competition, you will be able to make a sizable sum of money. Please be aware that the tournament’s entry fees are likewise quite modest.

7. Earn money by playing Trump Card Mania in zupee app

We all participated in the trump card game in the 1990s, where we used to play cricket and wrestling cards. On the other hand, Zupee Gold has released the Trump Card Mania game, which you may earn good by playing, to amuse people and help them refresh their memories.

8. Participate in the quiz contest to earn zupee Gold.

You can use general knowledge to make good money if it’s good. In essence, there are a number of quiz games that you may play on the Zupee Gold webpage. There are many general knowledge-related questions in this exam, and if you can accurately respond to them all, you can earn good money.

9.How to refer Zupee Ludo App?

The Zupee Gold App offers a fantastic opportunity to make money through referrals. When someone downloads and registers for the zupee gaming app using your referral link, they will receive a free cash incentive of Rs. 10, and you will receive an instant referral bonus of Rs. 5.

Additionally, you receive a reward of up to Rs. 100 when he deposits money on this app. Isn’t it advantageous to have both? You can make money by telling your friends about your Zupee Gold Refer Link by following the steps below.

  1. Open the online Zupee Gold App on your phone first.
  2. You can choose to “Refer & Earn” by clicking the link at the bottom of the page itself.
  3. Your Zupee Gold Referral Code will be displayed below, and you can copy it.

When you select the “Share” option, a variety of sharing options for this software will appear. You can select any option to share with your friends in order to make money.

zupee App Advice: By sharing this link and referral code on social media, WhatsApp, and the telegram application, you can not only refer friends but also make money.

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How to deposit money in Zupee Ludo App?

Money must be invested in Zupee Gold in order to play various games, and in order to invest money, Deposit Cash in your Zupee Wallet is required. It is quite easy to add money to the zupee Gold app wallet. The instructions are as follows.

Open the Zupee Gold App before adding money to your Jupee wallet.

  1. To add cash to zupee Wallet, first open Zupee Gold App.
  2. On the homepage of this app, you will get information about the amount of money available in your Zupee Gold Wallet in the top right side. Click on it.
  3. The next page will have your wallet details. To deposit money, you have to click on the button with “Add Cash” in it.
  4. On clicking the Add Cash button, a new page will open in front of you, in which you have to fill the amount in the top box as you want to put in Zupee Gold Wallet.
  5. If you have any coupon code with Discount or Cash Back offer then fill it by clicking on “APPLY” and again click on Apply button shown below.
  6. After filling all the information, you have to click on the button of Add Money. After that a new page will open in which you have to select the payment mode and decide through which medium you want to add cash.

You must finish the payment procedure after selecting the payment method in the final step before the funds will be deposited to your zupee app wallet. You can pay for it with Paytm UPI, Google Pay, Net Banking, a debit card, and wallet balance.

zupee apk download2

How to withdraw money from Zupee App?

You can withdraw money from your Zupee Gold App wallet if you have funds in your account and your KYC has been verified. However, a lot of individuals are not aware of this process and remain to be confused. We will therefore explain to you how to withdraw money from Zupee Gold in order to assist you.

  1. First of all open Zupee Gold App in your mobile.
  2. On its main page, you will see the information of Wallet Cash in the top right side, click on it.
  3. Now you have to click on the button of “Withdraw”. A new page will open in front of you in which you will have to fill some information.
  4. At the top of this, in the prescribed box, you have to fill the amount that you want to withdraw. Then below this you have to select the Withdrawal Mode which can be Bank Account and UPI ID.
  5. If you are going to withdraw money for the first time, then you will also have to fill the information of your bank or UPI ID. Keep in mind that once you fill the bank bar details, you will not be able to change it back.
  6. After filling the payment mode and amount, click on the button of “Withdraw Money”.
  7. On clicking, money will be withdrawn from your Zupee Gold App and after some time money will have been transferred to your bank account.

Important information: Let me tell you that in Jupi app you can withdraw minimum 1 rupee and maximum 25,000 rupees at a time. There is no withdrawal charge involved.


How to do KYC in zupee Ludo App?

In order to withdraw money from Zupee Gold, it is very important to have our KYC verification in it. You can play games without KYC verification but you cannot withdraw money. For this reason, we are going to inform you about the entire process of doing KYC in Zupee Gold App.

  1. To do KYC, first of all open Zupee Gold App
  2. On its main page, at the bottom right side, you will see the Profile Button, click on it.
  3. Now the next page will open in front of you, out of which many options will be in front of you. From this, you have to click on the option “Complete your KYC”.
  4. Now you have to select any one document through which you want to do KYC. You can choose between PAN Card, Driving License or Voter ID Card.
  5. After selecting the document, you have to upload the number of that document, your date of birth, your full name as well as the photo of that document.
  6. After filling all this information correctly, click on the submit button.
  7. You have now submitted the documents for KYC and your KYC will be completed within 24 hours. Then you will be able to withdraw money from Zupee Gold App.

Note: Remember that you do not have to make any mistake while filling the KYC details. What is written in the document you have selected and what you have filled should match. Otherwise your KYC will be rejected.

How to add bank account in Zupee App?

If you want to get the money you won in Zupee Gold in your bank account, then you have to add your bank account in this app. How to add bank account in Zupee Gold app is as follows;

  1. For this, first of all you have to open Zupee Gold App.
  2. At the top of the homepage of the app, you will see the Wallet icon, click on it.
  3. In Wallet you have to click on Withdraw option.
  4. A new page will open in front of you with many options. In this itself, there will be a section of UPI and Bank Account at the bottom.
  5. You have to click on the option of Add written in front of it.
  6. Now you have to fill the required details of your bank account like your name, IFSC code and bank account number etc.
  7. After filling all the details of your bank, click on the Proceed button. Now your bank account has been added to Zupee Gold and you can withdraw money in this account.

Important thing: Once you have saved UPI or bank account details, then those information cannot be changed back, so fill this information correctly beforehand. Otherwise you will not be able to receive the payment.

Who are the highest paid players in Zupee Gold?

As we previously said before, millions of people make real money playing games on the Zupee Ludo App, and thousands of them have made thousands of rupees doing so. But in this section, we’ll give you the names of the players who have received the most cash from zupee as well as the value of the prizes they took home.

User/player name prize winning amount  State/City Name 
Shubham thakur 15.8 lakh Rupeespatiala,punjab
vanshika12.5 lakh Rupeesdispur,assam
Chandnika diwan7.2 lakh Rupeessuratgarh,rajasthan
Amit sharma6 lakh Rupeesdelhi

These were the top users who made a lot of money, but many more individuals have used the zupee  app to make between 50,000 and 2 lakhs.

Features of Zupee Ludo App

There are numerous features of the Zupee Gold App that you may access when using this app, but we’ll go through a few of them below.

  1. This app’s user interface is quite straightforward. As a result, even a young child can simply use it.
  2. Zupee Gold is an iTech Labs-certified RNG Certified software.
  3. Tournaments are occasionally held in here, and if we enter and succeed, we can win a lot of money.
  4. Only 1 rupee can be withheld from this app.
  5. Money can be added to the Zupee Gold App using a various of methods, including UPI, online   wallets, credit cards, debit cards, and net banking.
  6. There are other methods to get money, including through tournament participation, sign-up bonuses, and referrals.
  7. Through UPI and a bank account, you can quickly withdraw money from your bank account.
  8. You receive rewards if you apply the promo code when making a deposit.
  9. There are more than five of the most enjoyable and well-liked money-making games available.

Zupee ludo app review-

A great app with a basic user interface is Zupee Gold. Through this software, millions of individuals are not only having fun but also making money. You must take part in tournaments if you want to earn more money from this app.

Some people understand that how much money this app would give. But let us tell you that you can call Zupee Gold a 100% Real Money Earning App. In fact, when you place a match or participate in a tournament, it keeps some of the money with itself, which earns them and we earn by winning these matches.

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Zupee Ludo App | Zupee Ludo Download

After getting all this information, it is obvious that the question related to Jupi game app comes in mind. We know that you will also have many questions in your mind. So let’s know the answers to some of your common and most frequently asked questions.

What are the importance of zupee referral code 2022

You receive an extra Rs. 100 each time you enter someone else’s Jupi Refer Code. You will only receive 5 rupees if you download Zupee Ludo without using any referral links. Both the referral code and the offer link are provided in this article.

How much money will you get for downloading Zupee Ludo?

You will find two links to get Zupee APK by clicking on this article. If you download Jupy Gold using our link, you will receive 10 rupees right away and 50 rupees the next day as an on-task incentive. Simply open this post and download Zupee before the promotion expires.

What amount of money can we take out of ZupeeGold?

Through Paytm UPI and bank accounts, we can withdraw the winning balance every day up to a maximum of Rs 25,000 and a minimum of Rs 1.

Is Zupee Gold App Real or Fake?

Zupee Gold is a 100% genuine and legal application, so no. It’s simple to withdraw your winning amount from this app to your bank account.

The app is zupee Gold Ludo from which nation?

Allow us to notify you that Zupee Gold is an Indian application that was created by an Indian company only.

How much money can we make using the Jupi app each day?

The amount of money you can make each day from the Zupee Gold App depends on how hard you work. You can make thousands of rupees each day if you play the game correctly.

Who is the Zupee game’s owner?

Dilsher Malhi, who is the founder and CEO of this gaming app, is the owner of the Zupee app. When Dilsher Malhi had the idea for zupee, he appointed Siddhant Saurabh as a co-founder; Saurabh is still in the same position today.

Is Zupee Ludo a safe application?

We can conclude that this app is entirely secure because it has received the RNG certification from iTech Lab. In India, zupee is 100 percent True, Safe, and Legal.

What is the Zupee Gold App’s Minimum Withdrawal Limit?

It only allows withdrawals of up to one rupee. In terms of the maximum withdrawal amount, you are only permitted to take up to Rs 25,000 every day.

Can we win actual cash using the Zupee app?

Absolutely, yes. We can play the game at Zupee Ludo Gold, win 100% real money, and quickly transfer the money to our bank accounts.

What paperwork is needed to complete KYC in Zupee Ludo?

We may perform KYC on the Jupi Online Gaming App using three different sorts of identification documents: a driver’s licence, a voter ID card, and a PAN card.


Apart from entertaining yourself, Zupee Gold is a great app to earn money. If you play a game in Zupee for a couple of hours every day, then you can easily earn as much as your pocket money for the month. But you should play this game to a limit as it involves financial risk and can also take getting used to.

We have provided you all types of information related to Zupee Gold App. If you like the information given in this article, then definitely share this article with your friends and acquaintances so that they can also enjoy online games and earn money by downloading Zupee App.

Apart from this, if you have any query related to Zupee App Se Paise Kaise Kamaye, then ask in comment or contact us, we will tell the possible solution to your question.

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