Workers compensation attorney chicago

Workers compensation attorney chicago

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Workers compensation attorney chicago

If you have got an injury while working on the job then you will need to find a good workers’ compensation lawyer to reach a settlement to cover your medical bills and lost wages. At the Offices of Joseph Younes you could get good experienced lawyers who will help you at every moment and guide you at every step.

What is Worker’s Compensation?

Insurance that you receive from your workplace when you get injured is called Workers’ Compensation. It covers your medical bills, disabilities, lost wages, funeral costs, etc. When you get injured at a workplace, you usually get this compensation and it is even compulsory at some places in the Us but if you don’t receive compensation from your workplace then you can file a case of workers’ compensation by hiring an experienced lawyer from

Type Of Accidents where employees qualify for Workers’ Compensation

People are liable to get workers’ compensation even if they are working part time, training or full time. You get workers compensation in many cases, these accidents include:

  • Due to misconduct of the employee
  • Due to the employer 
  • Due to negligence of the employee 
  • Accidents at training 
  • While performing dangerous or hazardous tasks
  • Due to illness outside workplace 

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Who gets Workers’ Compensation?

A person who is injured or becomes ill due to his workplace then he is liable to get workers compensation. But an exception includes government people and military organizations.

How much does workers’ compensation cost?

Workers compensation costs can be different in different states. So no one can say for sure but an average cost could be estimated at almost $100 per week. 

How long does it receive benefits?

Mostly the benefits need only 2 weeks to be processed but in some cases like in injuries, it can take up to 6 months to process after the injury has taken place.

When Should You Hire A Workers’ Compensation Lawyer?

Workers compensation attorney chicago

Under the Workers’ Compensation Act, employers need to give workers compensation insurance to the workers in case of any health issues, injury at the workplace, etc. Every worker is liable to get compensation benefits.

But many employers don’t take this into consideration and try to deceive the employees by not giving them full compensation or by not giving their rights. That’s why it becomes apparent to knock on the door of a workers’ compensation attorney who will represent you in your case and help you give full compensation for your loss.

Some of the reasons of hiring a workers’ compensation lawyer:

  • Claim is not given.
  • Your health is only deteriorating because you can’t get the treatment you require.
  • Disability is questioned.
  • You lost the job due to inability to work.
  • Receiving other govt benefits.

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How do Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Get Paid?

Workers’ Compensation lawyers only get paid if they manage to get compensation for you from the other party in a settlement, i.e. he receives a contingency fee of 20% from the total compensation but if he is not able to get compensation for you in a settlement then no contingency is received by him.

This limit is set by the Illinois Law, so it wont go beyond 20%.

What Are The Potential Case Outcomes?

It’s true that not all the cases are settled but there’s a high majority of cases that receive settlement (95%) and only 5% of cases go to trial so you won’t need to worry about that. 

Most people like you are anxious whether they’ll receive the damages or not. But let me give you some good news, most of the workers or employees who submit their case for workers compensation usually receive their damages or the money spent in medical bills, disabilities, lost wages etc.

Moreover in minor injuries people don’t need to hire a lawyer because people usually give the compensation for small injuries and medical bills but if you have suffered from a big accident and feel that you have been deceived at your workplace that you need to hire a lawyer from the Offices of Joseph Younes.

How Can I file for Workers’ Compensation?

After getting injured at work you are liable to get workers’ compensation which you can file with the help of a workers’ compensation attorney at

  1. Contact your insurance provider before filing a compensation claim and get all your documents and facts together.
  2. Gather evidence for your claim like medical bills, prescription, receipts, etc.
  3. File at State Workers’ Compensation Board provided all the statements, evidence, eye witnesses, etc. The sooner the better.

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How much does a workers’ compensation attorney charge?

Above I already told you that workers’ compensation attorneys charge at 20%vof the whole settlement and not more than that but in general the attorneys take $500-$5000 per hour in other cases. 

Do I need a workers’ compensation attorney if I get injured on the job? has one of the best workers’ compensation attorneys in Chicago, if you need a seasoned lawyer with good knowledge and judicious judgment then you should go for a However there is no compulsion to hire a lawyer from that firm but it’s always good to go for the best in legal cases. 

Can I represent myself in my workers’ compensation case?

Sure, anybody can represent himself in a workers’ compensation case but it is always advised to hire a lawyer to represent you in the court to get compensation because he is well acquainted with the legal terms and knows how to dig up information. He can record statements for you, talk to insurance companies and has many connections. 

Plus he has many years of experience so he knows how to do things. Also there’s been a report suggesting that people who hire a lawyer for workers compensation cases have higher probability of receiving compensation in a settlement. 

How can I find a workers’ compensation attorney at in Chicago?

To find a good lawyer for workers compensation: 

i) Search online:

You could always search about any lawyer online. You could search for a name on LinkedIn or Facebook or Google. 

ii) Ask around:

Some people don’t like searching online so they can ask from their friends, family and colleagues. If they live in the Chicago area then they’ll be able to tell you a great deal about the workers compensation attorneys in Chicago. 

iii) Check regulatory agencies:

One can also look for attorneys or their names at the National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws (NCCUSL) or the Illinois Department of Professional Regulation (IDPR). These regulatory agencies have mostly the names of all the lawyers working in the state.

What are The Benefits of a Good Workers’ Compensation Attorney at

A good workers compensation attorney will help you at every step of the case and guide you so that you don’t have to worry about the compensation. He will do all the hard work for you so that you can recover well from your injuries and give yourself time to get out of the trauma that you had to suffer with. Below are some of the benefits that you’ll avail when hiring a attorney for you:

  • The attorney will help you get your compensation faster. Even though the legal process cant be interfered with, he knows all the formalities and the documents required from your side which he will make faster than you.
  • He will guide you through every step and already knows what to expect next because he is specially trained in this field and has an experience of many years. 
  • He will help you to process your documents faster.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How much do workers comp lawyers charge in Illinois?

Workers comp lawyers have a contingency fee of 20% in the workers compensation case.

When should you consult a workers’ comp lawyer?

If you have sustained injury at a workplace due to negligence of others and are unable to work for a notable amount of time then you should consult a workers comp lawyer and get compensation for the loss that you had to suffer with.

Can I fire my workers’ comp lawyer in Illinois?

Yes, you have the right to fire your workers’ comp attorney and substitute him with a new one if you find your current attorney not competent enough.

Can a workers’ comp case be reopened in Illinois?

A case can be reopened within 30 months after the settlement is reached on the condition that the health of the person worsens. The terms of the contract can be reviewed otherwise.

How much time does it take to settle the Workers’ Comp case in Illinois?

It takes almost 2 years to settle a workers’ comp case in Illinois after the case has been filed.

What is Workers’ Compensation?

When a worker or employee is injured at a workplace or becomes ill due to the job at his workplace then he is liable to get Workers’ compensation which includes medical bills, funeral costs, damages etc. But if an employer refuses to give the compensation then the person can file a compensation case to get the claim.

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