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If Google doesn't provide a Bluetooth upgrade, Stadia controllers may end up as electronic junk.

Early in the next year, Google's Stadia game streaming service will almost certainly shut down. Players will receive a full refund from Google for all game and hardware purchases.

However, Google has also so far given Stadia users controllers that, despite originally costing $70, will soon be obsolete in favour of a $20 Bluetooth gamepad.

The controllers for Stadia were specially designed to connect directly to the Internet, which decreased lag

The Stadia controller has Bluetooth, but you can only use it to set up Stadia with a TV, computer running the Chrome browser, or Chromecast Ultra.

For large businesses that rely on numerous subcontracted manufacturers to supply hardware, this is frequently a challenging situation.

At a later time, Bluetooth Classic might be implemented." (Compared to more recent low-energy or mesh versions of Bluetooth, Bluetooth Classic is a more conventional version.)

For supporters of the Stadia controller, that hypothetical later time cannot come soon enough. Many people rate the controller's hand feel as their favourite feature.

They want Google to enable Bluetooth so that their favourite device can become more than just a USB-only controller and lessen the amount of plastic and circuit board waste.

Many have urged Google to let the public access to the devices so they can unlock the feature if they aren't going to make a firmware upgrade themselves.

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