Games like Fortnite or Warzone need instant reflexes to counter an enemy's move. Unfortunately Ninja Blevins ran out of luck in his last Fornite game.

At the last moment, everything comes down to a one on one battle which needs hard battle skills and quick reflexes.

Ninja who is a famous gamer and streamer known all over the world as he streams on all the major platforms 

 was playing in Tilted Towers, as the final circle came to a close and there was only one opponent left, 

he got too confident and started trolling his enemy using emotes after firing a few rounds and using a shock grenade.

However his enemy fired a few rounds on him before he could regain his control over the battle and see his enemy's movements.

This gave a humiliating setback to Ninja and all he could was recline in his chair. HIs viewers gave mixed reactions to his loss.

Many viewers responded that he deserved this outcome and it was the result of him baiting his enemy.

Some say it was satisfying to see him lose and have denounced his strategy that it is always the boogie bombs and emotes..

that are his worst enemy. Some said it would be better if he doesn't show emotes in his next game while playing one on one.

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