Recently Microsoft told that it will terminate its SwiftKey software keyboard for iOS and subsequently remove it from the App Store.

Chris Wolfe, SwiftKey's  product management Director told that the support will end from October 5 and it will also be removed from the app store.

However people will be able to use the SwiftKey keyboard  installed on iOS until they delete it manually or purchase a new phone.

The app was last updated on August 2021 and the major upgrades or updates in the app were just plain bug fixes.

Interestingly Microsoft had bought this app in 2016 for almost $250 million for its iOS and Android software keyboards.

Also, Apple places restrains on third party keyboard apps. Eg, they can't be used to type passwords or codes, and can be disabled using MDM software.

On the other hand, Apple has added many features to its in-built keyboard app like emojis and swipe-to-type that has raised its popularity.

Therefore reducing the demand for Microsoft's SwiftKey keyboard app and ultimately leading to its failure.

SwiftKey is a free smart keyboard app that allows people to type quickly through AI and language processing. It automatically predicts what to write next. 

Nevertheless, Microsoft will continue the SwiftKey keyboard for its Android users and its support in the future.

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