Recently popular tech Youtuber MKBHD (Marcus Brownlee), got a chance to drive GMC Hummer EV for a week. 

He learnt what it was like to use a Hummer on a daily basis. He told that Hummer EH is humongous and equal to three Honda Civics.

It has plenty of storage space, however it is difficult to park and sometimes not allowed on some roads due to its heavy weight.

He told that it can easily fit 3-4 duffel bags and has a five feet long bed. It has speakers too and many sockets.

It has thick doors and really wide cabin. Talking of the display, its graphics were designed by Epic games.

There are a lot of super responsive physical buttons and removable glass panel looks very nice.

It accelerates really fast (60 in 3 sec) however noise from the tyres could be a issue. The crab mode is really smooth but you'll hardly use it.

Overall its a great truck with 300 mile range.  However its a bit pricey and you could buy a F-150 Lighting which is bigger in half the price. 

It has an enormous 212 kWh battery pack and a massive 9,063 lb weight. It has got off road dominance.

There's a Super Cruise mode as well with driver-assistance tech that provides Automatic Lane Change and hand-free driving.

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