Tesla CEO Elon Musk showed an early prototype of a humanoid robot on stage at AI Day event this week.

Although the robot seemed shaky, Musk revealed that it was the first time the robot walked on a stage without a tether.

Three Tesla employees presented on the stage a sleeker looking Optimus model later that yet could not stand on its own. 

The presentation lasted for seven minutes, later he played a video of the robot smoothly doing several jobs while tethered with a cable.

A 3d representation of the eye view of the robot was also shown that revealed how the robot perceived the world.

Last year in the AI Day event, Musk presented a man dressed in humanoid robot to give the idea of the prototype.

He told that it would be able to walk in a few weeks and also that the robot would be able to work autonomously with its brain.

The goal of the Optimus project is to produce high volume, low cost and high reliability robots comparing it with the competitors.

Later Tesla engineers explained about the power and mechanisms of the robot with the help of graphs.

Musk also said that the presentation was to convince the talented people in the world to come and lead Tesla towards the goal.

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