Personal injury attorney memphis

Personal injury attorney memphis

Do you want to know about Personal injury attorney Memphis is one of the best sites to find personal injury attorneys at Memphis where you can hire experienced attorneys from Reaves Law Firm. These attorneys are hardworking and will guide at every step. They’ll work vigorously for your case and notify you about every legal strategy. So how about we jump into our post.

Personal injury attorney memphis

If you have suffered an injury or have been in an accident and were affected due to the negligence of others, when you have come to the right place. Attorneys at will help you get compensation for your injuries and get the rightful claim.

There are almost 6438 injuries per day in the US which account to 2.35 million injuries in the whole year. Most of the people suffer minor injuries and usually get claims for these injuries because the money involved is too little. But if the injury is major or there has been a fatal accident then the other party or the insurance try to deceive the injured person by paying him less or altering the evidence. 

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If you think you have been wronged and find no hope in receiving compensation then you should contact Reaves Law Firm at

On you can find multiple highly experienced excellent attorneys who will work tirelessly and invest all their knowledge and stamina to secure your legal rights and bring justice to you. 

Personal injury attorney memphis

The attorneys at beyourvoice Raves Law Firm will help you in every way possible. They’ll provide you with counseling so that you know what process and documents need to be carried out. 

  1. Beyourvoice, the name of the website represents their work, their values and their motto, that is to be the voice and to represent you when no one is paying heed to your case and all the hands have been raised up in denial. 
  2. Their aim is to get maximum compensation for you and provide you justice at all costs with sheer hard work. Thus they have successfully been able to recover millions of dollars through personal injury cases that have brought their name to one of the best law firms in Memphis. 
  3. They have been listed in the Million dollar advocates forum and the Multi-million dollar advocates forum for their long track record of success. 
  4. Through their perseverance and creative thinking they have fought the biggest firms and solved the most complex cases. 
  5. They do all the field work and hard work while the client rests and takes care of his health. The client is updated with the progress regularly at each step and a person especially checks on you. 

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Things required to prove an Injury claim in Tennessee?

The thing that lies at the core of all the personal injury cases is Liability which is the legal term for fault. You have to demonstrate somehow that the other party owed you the duty of care and they breached that duty of care. This is the main thing required to win the compensation in a personal injury case. 

Like if you are sitting in a bus it is the duty of the driver to keep you safe and not drive through negligence, if you are shopping in a store, it is the duty of the store owner to keep his property off of any hazardous material that might cause any incident. If he did not take care of his duty and due to negligence or misconduct you got injured or harmed then you can file a case for compensation of your medical bills, lost wages, liabilities, etc.

After you have been injured it is important that the evidence is collected and the statements from the eyewitnesses are recorded to get proof for the injury you have sustained due to the negligence of others. At the Reaves Law Firm all the proofs are collected with utmost care and researched efficiently with legal strategies. Then the focus of the firm is to present all the proof and documents in a court to get compensation for you. Reaves’ Law Firm always tries to get maximum compensation for you.

Memphis Statute of Limitations

If you have been in an accident and suffered injuries due to negligence of others and are trying to find compensation for your loss then you have to pay attention to this detail. The statute of limitations in Tennessee gives a time limit to when you can file a case for compensation in personal injury cases. 

In Tennessee, you can only file a case of personal injury under one year while other states have different time periods, some being shorter, some longer. Plus many insurance companies have even shorter time periods than one year so you would want to contact a memphis persia injury lawyer from as soon as possible. 

If you aren’t quick in contacting a personal injury lawyer, the possibility is that you never recover a penny from your claim. If you contact an attorney from Reaves Law Firm you’ll be notified of all the missed deadlines or the dates that have yet to come that are necessary in your case. 

You’ll be notified about everything and your case will be reviewed on the first visit. Thus we will be a confidant for you.

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Memphis Personal Injury Lawyers at BeYourVoice

Attorneys at Reaves Law Firm deal with insurance companies daily and personal injury cases in Memphis  all the time, so they know how big insurance companies try to deceive people and fool them by giving them lower compensation than mentioned by the law. These insurance companies are big and play with the trust and lack of knowledge of the claimant and their families. 

Thus, Reaves Law Firm helps you to get maximum compensation advised by the law so that you don’t get deceived by the big insurance companies. The lawyers are always walking at your side and represent you at every step of the legal process that is to be carried out in the compensation. That’s why they work tirelessly and put their effort in your case. Through their critical thinking they analyze the situation and develop legal strategies for them.  

Reaves Law Firm treats you like a family and works for your satisfaction. You get free counseling from them at your first visit and they talk you through the whole process. They are passionate and enthusiastic about their clients and are honest about every step, they work in such a way that you’ll be counseled and shared knowledge with at every step. You’ll get to know about every detail so that you don’t feel left out from the conversation.

Contact beyourvoice or call at (901) 403-7570 today to get a free counseling session.  

Reaves Law Firm attorneys

#1. Henry E. Reaves III

Personal injury attorney memphis

Experience: 14 years since 2009

Education: Indiana University School of Law, Bloomington

Association: Lietnar, Williams, Dooley & Napolitan Law firm

Contact: LinkedIn

Type: Workers Compensation, personal injury, family law

#2. Geoffrey Lewter

Memphis personal injury lawyer

Education: Bachelor of Arts in Psychology-  University of Tennessee Knoxville, University of Memphis- Cecil C. Humphreys School of Law

Association: Department of Children’s Services, Shelby County Juvenile Court, Shelby County Child Support Office

Contact: LinkedIn

Type: Wrongful death claims, Non- commercial motor vehicle collision, premises liability claim, commercial motor vehicle collision, personal injury

#3. Justin Smith

Personal injury attorney memphis

Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry- Dillard University, New Orleans School of Law – Loyola University

Type: Personal injury, workers compensation,  Family law

#4. Andrew McClelland

Personal injury attorney memphis

Experience: 12 years since 2011

Education: Emory University School of Law,  Atlanta

Association: Morgan & Morgan, McAngus Goudelock & Courie, McClelland & Associates, John Michael Bailey

Contact: LinkedIn

Type: Personal injury, workers compensation, premises liability, motor vehicle collision, trucking

#5. Brandon Leslie

Personal injury attorney memphis

Experience: 17 years since 2006

Education: University of Mississippi School of Law

Type: Personal injury law, Criminal defense


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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Why do most personal injury cases settle?

Most of the personal injury cases happen due to minor injuries and no person or insurance company wants to be dragged to the court, so most of the personal injury cases settle before the case as a settlement. And some even solve before filing for the settlement.

What percentage do most lawyers take as a contingency fee?

Contingency fees depend on the state, how big the case is, what type of case is, etc. Average contingency fee is usually 33% to 40% of the settlement but in some cases lawyers take up to 50% contingency fee in small cases and 15% contingency fee in very large cases. But if you lose the case then the lawyer is not eligible for any contingency fees.

How do you negotiate a higher personal injury settlement?

You have to start a claim as quickly as possible.
Keep all the documents and evidence of the accident.
Calculate the settlement.
Send a letter to the Insurance Company demanding the claim.
The insurance company generally tries to negotiate with a lesser claim, so do not accept at the first go.
Get points of your favor.
Gather proofs and everything is written.

What is the highest personal injury settlement?

The highest personal injury settlement (The Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement) took for $206 Billion.

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