Earn 300 rupees per day online

Earn 300 rupees per day online

Hey guys, welcome to Justice Tv. Today I am going to tell you how to earn 300 rupees per day online. 

Many people lost their jobs and business in lockdown. Unemployment has been on the rise for the last 3-4 years. According to a report in 2018, Times of India stated that 82% of males and 92% of females earn less than Rs. 10,000 a month and the minimum recommended salary by Pay commission is Rs. 18,000 a month. Yes, that’s the amount you need to survive.

Therefore it becomes imperative to put in some extra work and earn a little more money, also recalling that inflation has been on the rise since ever. 

That’s why, I bring you the list of 16 super awesome ways to earn 300 rupees per day online. Not only 300 but you can earn a heck lot more in just an hour or two.

Quick Insight

If you are in a hurry and just want to know the ways, you may refer to this table. If you want to know their process in detail, then scroll down.

NameInstant knowledge
InternshipJoin online internship or call center
ResellingResell products on eBay or OLX
BloggingWrite blog posts, rank them and earn through Adsense, sponsorship.
Affiliate marketingShare links of products, when someone buys from your link, you get commission.
DropshippingOnline store- wholesaler will directly deliver it to customer, you just have to add your profit.
Share marketInvest in stocks, digital gold, mutual funds etc. from as low as Rs. 100
FreelancingProvide services online before deadline. Get foreign clients and earn hard money.
EbookIf you write a good book, you can turn a millionaire overnight.
Online courseMake a course one time and sell it multiple times.
Graphic designGraphic designing opportunity can be availed for websites, youtube, facebook, local business etc.
PhotographerThough photography is a dying occupation, but if you already have a camera, it can be used for business shoots, portfolio, etc.
ManureVermicompost manure is selling very expensive these days.
RestaurantA restaurant can be opened in crowded area with cheap rent.
Online HoroscopePeople still believe in horoscopes and you can charge them as long as your predictions are correct.
DeliveryDeliver food for food delivery apps.
Rent Rent your place, earn money and buy land, then rent it too.

In this table, all the ways are 100% working and legit. I have tried them myself, that’s why you can count on them.


Almost all the ways that I have mentioned below require the use of a smartphone.

  • That’s why you need a good internet connection to begin with.
  • Keep your Play Store updated so that you are working with the latest apps. 

How to check if your PlayStore is updated

Earn 300 rupees per day online

If we do the calculation, Rs. 300 daily means 300×30= Rs. 9000 per month. I am certain, that you’ll be able to achieve much more than that.

So let’s dive into our topic.

1. Make money through Internship

One of the best and fastest ways to earn money is through an internship. Internship can be done online or offline, that’s why you have the advantage of choosing work from home. It also provides people with flexible timings with the part-time work option. 

If you are a student, then it might be the best option for you. You can also work in online call centers. Due to lockdown many call centers have shifted online and you don’t need a physical presence.

Example, my cousin started a call job in one of the leading companies of the country. Due to Lockdown, she never went to the office. Instead she used to attend her online class and do the job at the same time while sitting at home and in 2 months she earned over 60 thousand. 

Most of the companies require that you speak  in English and Hindi, have little technical knowledge and are able to handle the problems of customers. And talking of the educational qualification, even big companies like Flipkart were posting jobs without asking for any degree.

A number of websites or companies where you can look for internships- 

  • LinkedIn
  • Internshala
  • Naukri.com
  • LetsIntern
  • Twenty19

2. Reselling on eBay

The work here is simple, but you need a little investment to start your work. All you have to do is buy second hand products from OLX or eBay and sell it on the platform again by adding your profit.

The work is easy but you have to consider which product to choose, how to strategize and how to make the customer buy from you.

You can also buy cheap products from your local market and then sell it on these platforms.

Example, one of my friends bought a professional camera for Rs. 5000 on eBay. He sold it for Rs. 7000, again he bought one for Rs. 7000 and sold it for Rs. 9000. The process continued till he had made Rs. 25,000 in profit. 

3. Blogging

Everyone knows about blogging today, it’s one of the best but the slowest ways to earn hard money. Yes you heard it right, there are many bloggers out there who are earning millions of rupees per month but the process to reach the million milestone is very slow. 

It could take 6-7 months just to start earning a few bucks. 

A blog is like a website. The one you are reading right now is also a blog. I have invested Rs. 4800 in this blog, this is my first post and it would take me almost 5-6 months to earn Rs. 500 daily. Yes, it will take time, but my income will be worth it.

I have other blogs too from where I get regular income. In a blog, you have to write on topics that people search about. Like the topics for this post is “earn 300 rupees per day online”.

When I’ll start getting some views and when my blog will become valuable, I’ll apply for Google Adsense, it’ll pay me for the ads that you see and click. It’s the same as Youtube. 

I can sell products on this blog, I can provide any paid service, I can even sell this blog. There are many ways to earn through blogging. 

The one thing that I like most about blogging is that once my income starts, it won’t stop. And that I am earning even when I am sleeping, eating or doing any other work.

To get more views on your article, you need to bring it to the top of Google search ranking. For that, one needs to learn about SEO. It tells us about the ways, the writing style, to bring our article on the top. You can learn SEO on Google or youtube. 

Blogging requires a lot of patience and hard work but believe it my friend, it is all worth it.

4. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing no doubt is the way that can bring a lot of wealth to you. 

Affiliate marketing is a process where you have to share the link of a product and when a person buys the product from your link, you get a little commission. The commission differs for different companies like Amazon affiliate gives you at most 10% of a product while Clickbank gives you around 40-50% of a product. 

This method is feasible only if you are able to get your link to many people because out of 100 people only 4-5 will actually buy a product from you.

You can share the link on different platforms-

  • Whatsapp
  • Facebook
  • Telegram
  • Instagram, snapchat
  • Pinterest, twitter, tumblr, reddit 
  • Blogs, youtube etc.

Some of the best affiliate programs are-

  • CJ affiliates
  • Clickbank
  • ShareASale
  • Hostinger affiliate
  • Semrush
  • eBay
  • Shopify

5. Dropshipping

Earn 300 rupees per day online

Dropshipping is an online process in which you have to buy a product from an online wholesaler and sell the product to an online customer.

  1. First, you have to develop an e-commerce website.
  2. Then talk to an online wholesaler who has the product you want to sell.
  3. Start marketing for your product on Google ads, facebook ads etc.
  4. When you get an order, you have to forward that order to the wholesaler.
  5. The wholesaler will deliver the product directly to the customer with your name on the package. 

Suppose you want to sell a football. The wholesaler is selling it for Rs. 800, you will have to sell it for Rs. 1200 on your website. Therefore adding a profit of Rs. 400 on every order. 

Some dropshippers buy a lot of products in bulk and keep them in storage. When they get an order from a customer, they deliver it to their customer. 

Dropshipping is just like starting a store that is online. You save a lot of money because you don’t need any physical presence. Dropshipping is a very profitable business

  • You’ll have to strategize which products to sell at what time of the year. Like woolens can be sold in the winter season.
  • You’ll have to observe the trend and sell your products. Like fitness bands got  very popular during lockdown.
  • You have to choose a product which is not locally available, so that people are forced to buy it on the internet.

6. Investing in share market

Investing in the share market can easily be started with as low as Rs. 10 in your bank account. However you’ll need at least Rs. 2000 for a good start.

You can invest stocks, mutual funds, digital gold etc. Investing in the share market has always been risky but it sure brings a lot of good money. The share market opens at 9 am and closes at 3 pm.

You can invest in stocks in 2 ways-

  1. Intraday/ Single day trading- You’ll have to buy many shares of low price. Then sell them in profit when the price rises. It’s advantage is that no charges are incurred in Intraday trading. 
  1. Interday/ Long term trading- You have to buy stocks and sell them in profit. The shares are kept for a long time and in 6 months- 1 year you’ll get a high return.  DP charges, broker charges are incurred after the trade.

Most of the companies grow in a year as long as the name of the company is good.  If not, then as soon as the name of a company gets spoiled, the rates of all its shares fall. To invest in the share market, you have to open a Demat account. 

Most of the apps and services charge money for account opening and also ask for maintenance fees. But I invest with groww app in which everything is free. Initially I just wanted to try the app and  started with ₹ 500 but slowly I started earning more and more.

You can download groww app from this link. If you download from here, you will get Rs. 100 and me too.

7. Freelancing

Freelancing means working anywhere and anytime on your own desire. You are your own boss, you don’t have to worry about getting late or taking weekends off. You just have to complete the work before the deadline.

You can do it sitting at your home, garden, cafe, etc. Out of all the jobs that were affected in lockdown, only freelancing stood tall and firm because all the work here is provided online. We can provide as many services as we want to like-

  • Logo design
  • Photography 
  • Video shoot
  • Video editing
  • Photo editing
  • Content writing
  • Blog writing etc 

We get paid for all our services. Freelancing has become very famous nowadays because people can also take work from foriegn countries, so the work never stops. There is also a good income from work from foriegn countries, which keeps the mind of the people engaged. 

To do freelancing, you have to sign up on freelancing websites. These are some popular websites-

  1. Freelancer
  2. Fiverr
  3. Upwork
  4. Guru99 आदि।

8. Ebook

E-book is an electronic book, meaning a book that can be read on digital devices like phone, tab, laptop, PC etc. It’s not very popular in India, but people outside the country use it a lot. It is easy to write an ebook, you can use google docs, word documents, jotter plus anyone. 

After that, there are many options to sell them. such as-

  • Amazon Kindle
  • Kobo Inc.
  • Payhip
  • Blurb
  • NOOK press
  • Smashwords

There can be a good income by selling ebook if you think out of the box and write something interesting that works for everyone.

Rich Dad Poor Dad, written by Robert Kiyosaki in which he explains how we should make passive income even when we sleep and become financially free, has become so famous that it made him a fortune. There are other such authors who became rich overnight just because their content is good.

So if you think that you have something that you can teach people about and write a good book, then make sure to make an ebook and sell it.

9. Online course

First you have to learn about something yourself and then teach it an online course. You can take tutions, teach about digital marketing, how-to tutorials, business ideas, recipes, etc.

Nowadays, online courses have become very popular because it can be done comfortably sitting at home. Lockdown has further helped this cause because people got to stay inside their homes.

Online courses can be availed in the form of text, video, images, and PPT. The most difficult thing to do in selling online courses is to market them to your audience. If you are successful in getting it in front the eyes of the right audience, then you can earn a lot of money by selling them. You will be able to earn ₹10,000-20,000 in a single day.

Example, there’s a blogger who has made an online course. He marks that course for sale a long time in advance. On sale day, he takes out slots for 40 people and sells the course to every single person for ₹5000. In this way, he earns ₹2,00,000 in just one day.

Apart from the online course, you can also give tuitions to the children. Nowadays, there are 2-3 home tutors on every street. All you have to do is study for yourself, then teach the child and get his marks done well.

You also visit their home yourself and charge extra for that convenience.

10. Graphic designing

You can find work for graphic designing on online freelancing websites. Its demand has increased a lot because graphics are needed everywhere ranging from ebooks, blogs, websites to YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Google business etc.

  1. You just have to reach the right people and you’ll get the job done. 
  2. To find customers you can apply to freelancing websites, keep in mind that you have some proofs and designs in your portfolio.
  3. You can contact any local business on Google Maps and say that you can create brochures, pamphlets, banners, posts for their social media.
  4. You can contact any blog and give them graphic designs at good rates.
  5. You can contact any online business, randomly, what goes into asking, if rejected, then there is no loss.

Graphic designing is easy to learn. You can join a course online or learn from YouTube. You just need a hand on the app or software for a month and you’ll be able to develop masterpieces.

Some graphic designing apps/ softwares-

  • Photoshop
  • Canva
  • Snapseed
  • PosterMyWall
  • Illustrator etc

If you become a professional in using Canva, it will take you a maximum of 2 hours to create a well detailed design. In this way you can earn money comfortably by making many designs in a day.

11. Photographer

Nowadays, the profession of photography is decreasing because people have started doing photography from mobile phones. But those who want to do a model shoot or professional shoot still go to a photographer. 

Because of Instagram and Tiktok, their demand has increased. A professional photographer takes up to ₹15,000 for a single shoot. Along with photography, you will also have to learn editing which you can do with the help of photoshop, lightroom, etc.

Apart from this, you can also do wedding shoots, photography competitions, or you can also sell your photography online.

12. Vermi- compost manure

If you are a person living in village and you have a lot of land, then you must try this method. Vermi-composting is done by adding earthworms to manure and fertilized land.

In this method, you have to dig a large pit and add food waste, rotten fruits, flowers, leaves, dung etc, then add earthworms in the last and cover the soil. 

The earthworms will dig their way into the soil making it loose and the bacteria for convert the garbage into manure and compost. Vermicompost manure sells very expensive if you find the right customer.

If you were selling this cheap till now, you were selling it at the wrong price because many farmers are now earning millions in a month using this process.

13. Restaurant/ dhaba

Earn 300 rupees per day online

In this method, you just have to keep two things in mind- 

  1. Find a shop at cheap price, its rent should be low.
  2. The place around should be crowded.

A restaurant in India can never stop because there’s so much love for food. Apart from this you can also start a confectionery shop. Your rates should be good, food clean and taste even better.

Recently, a friend of mine opened a confectionery shop near his house, which he got very cheap. Then he worked very hard for a month, found the workmen, made the shop look like a whole new one, went to get vegetables every day. 

And in a month, his shop ran so much that he makes half a million per month. A few days later, he will open another shop. Apart from this, you can also start a tiffin service or catering service. These are some of the jobs that are in demand all time of the year.

14. Computer horoscopes

Even today, millions of people believe in horoscopes and learn about their day or life every day. If you learn to read horoscopes, then you can provide online horoscopes to people from a young age. 

This can be a good idea to make money if your horoscope turns out to be right.

15. Delivery

As I said, the business of restaurants in India will never end, so the delivery work will also never stop.

For delivery you can connect to the local shop or work in zomato, swiggy. For this, you need your scooter/bike, driving documents, aadhaar card, residence proof and background screening.

Background screening is done to check your history, background, criminal record, etc.After this, you have to go to the nearest seva kendra of zomato and submit the documents to them.

This is also the step for becoming a driver. If you join Uber, you can perform the same steps to get the job. Uber also gives you a vehicle if you don’t have one.

16. Rent property

The easiest thing you can do to earn money is to rent your property or house, then buy more land, give them on rent too.

Many people have ancestral lands that are today earning crores, like a friend of mine has ancestral land of 500 acres where people do farming and work on it. From there he gets crores of rupees after every 6 months.

These are all the methods that I brought for you today. Apart from these methods, if you spend your time on survey apps, it is going to be a total waste of time. I have tried them all myself, more than half of them are fraud and the rest give only ₹100 after 1-2 months. 

But the methods that I brought will help you make money in some genuine and real ways and can bring lacs of income in a month and not just 9000 rupees.


I hope that you have understood how to earn 300 rupees per day online. 

The ways that today I have listed above, even a child can perform them. Some people might just call it their pocket money, for some people it might be a source of extra income. Perspective may differ but the goal is the same: Earn more money.

If you liked this post, then do share it with your friends and family.

Today we learnt-

  1. How to earn 300 rs per day
  2. Earn 200 rupees per day
  3. Daily 500 rupees income
  4. Earn 200 rs per day
  5. Earn rs 300 per day

If you have any queries then feel free to ask me in the comment section below, I’ll be at your service.


FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Earn 2000 rs per day without investment

Earn without investment-
1. Youtube
2. Start Free blogging
3. Social media manage 
4. Freelancing
5. Sell online course

I want 300 rupees urgently

You can 300 rupees urgently with the help of referral apps. 
1 . Like you can earn 100 Rs instantly if you sign up in Grow app through this link
2. Phone pe- refer and earn Rs 100. 
3. Rozdhan- Get Rs 50 sign up bonus
4. Google pay- refer and Rs 200

Earn daily cash upto Rs 500

You can earn daily cash Rs 500 by starting a blog. You can earn through Google Adsense, affiliate marketing and sponsorship links. One sponsor link can pay you above Rs 1000.

Earn 500 per day working from home

You can earn Rs 500 per day working from home by doing Freelancing. Freelancing can be done anywhere and anytime. If you get gigs from outside India, you might get paid very well.

How to earn 200 Rs instantly

Earn Rs 200 instantly using refer and earn apps. If you refer Google Pay to a friend and he/she makes a payment, you’ll get Rs 200 instantly.

How to earn $200 per day in stock market

Earn $200 daily by investing in small stocks. Invest large money in small stocks. When the price rises, sell the shares and you can grab a lot of money. 

Earn Rs 300 to Rs 500 daily from internet

Earn Rs 300 to Rs 500 daily by playing on Winzo, Dream11, Ludoking, Mpl etc. If you score high in fantasy gaming, you can get a lot of fortune in one day.

How to earn 100 200 Rs per day

Earn Rs 100 200 per day by doing youtube, instagram reels, etc. Grow your account or channel and start sponsor posts. Sponsorship is the process where you share positive points about a brand or product and in turn you are paid by the brand.

200 per day jobs

More than 200 per day jobs- 1 . Food delivery
2. Restaurant
3. Reselling 
4. Affiliate marketing
5. Internship

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