Do you also want to earn money online from RXCE app, you people will know that in today’s time of internet, people are earning millions of rupees from online, if you also want to earn money online, that too by playing games then in this article till the end. Stay tuned, today I will tell you all about RXCE app through which you can earn money online sitting at home.

In today’s time, who does not want to earn money without investment, first of all let me tell you that you can earn money by doing any work on this app, whether you have studied or not, anyone can use it and you can use rxce app. You can earn money legally, here you do not have to pay any money, this app is completely free to use this app, you can use it for free and without spending a single rupee from rxce app, you can get 500 to 1000 rupees can earn Rs.

If I talk about income in this app, then you can earn money in two ways, color prediction and sharing with friends, that is, you can earn money by referring, if you are also willing to earn money online sitting at home then this article read full

what is rxce app?

Rxce app is a very good app to earn money online in today’s time. Out of these three colors, green and violet, you have to predict which color will come in the coming period.

Whatever money you earn in this app, you can transfer all the use to your bank account immediately and this app has been made very simply so that any new user does not have any problems in using rxce app and all of you If you can use it easily, now let’s know how to download rxce app and how to earn money from rxce app? – | How to Make Money with RXCE Color Prediction.

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How to earn money from rxce app:-

1. By Playing the Colour Prediction Game

Rxce app is a color prediction app. So in this you can earn money by predicting the color. You know how to play the game of color prediction. So you will not have much problem in earning money by predicting colors in this app. How to Predict Color in Color Prediction App? For this you can read this article

2. By referring

In Rxce app you also get good commission for referring you. So you can earn good money by referring rxce app with your friends.


rxce app download new version 0.6.0

To earn you money online i.e. to earn money from rxce app, first you have to download rxce earning app, so let’s know how to download it, for this you have to follow some steps.

  • First of all you have to open google or any browser on any of your device.
  • Then you have to type rxce Color Prediction Download or rxce.in in the search bar of the browser
  • After that the app will go to the official website of rxce, then you can also play and download online games from here.
  • And you can download this application in your android and ios any device, it is available on playstore and appstore all platform.
  • If you want to download direct from here, then you can download by clicking on the link given below.
Version v1.0.3
Size2.23 MB
Package Namein.xxce.shop
value freeRequires Android 6.0 and plus

Here you can earn money in two ways 

1. By playing RXCE Color Prediction game 
2. By referring, entering refer code and sharing with your friends

To earn money from rxce color prediction, first of all you are given three colors in it, red, green and violet, out of these three colors, you have to predict which color will come in the coming period.

To earn rxce referrer you have to share rxce app use send your refer code after that if you have any friend whom you must share use your refer code only then you can earn money after that your friend as much You will also earn money from rxce app.

How to make money using RXCE referral code?

There are two types of income, self-income and referral income. You get 45% commission and from level 2 you get 20% commission guys i have earned commission of more than 10,000,000 rupees here.

This is the best chance for Android users to invest and earn good money by investing smartly. If you are also looking for similar platform.

  • Open RXCE App
  • Log in to the App
  • Go to Menu – Refer and Tap on Earn
  • Share your Rxce referral code with friends
  • earn more cash
  • RXCE Kaise Khele (FAQs):

What is Rxce Amusebox?

Rxce is a money earning platform, it is the only and only platform which makes easy money, here if you invest 10 rupees you will get 19.60 rupees. The best thing we like about Rxce is their low withdrawal fees.

Remember, you can withdraw money from Wallet to any bank account from 9:30 to 23.59 (24X7 including holidays).

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rxce app Login / How to Register in RXCE?

If you want to earn money from rxce refer or color predication then you need to login or register in rxce app for use only then you will be able to use this app further and play games let’s know rxce login game

First of all, you have to open the rxce app, after opening you will get the option of play as mobile or ios, click on it, then if you want to login then your mobile no. And you can login by entering the password, if you want to register then you can also register rxce app by clicking on register

RXCE Colour Prediction app real and fake

rxce app is real or fake First of all let me tell that if any app remains legal or fake in India, then it does not order to be published on google playstore but this app is avilable on all platform, you can download it happily. And this app is real and legall, whatever money you earn in this app, you can transfer it to your bank account immediately.

RXCE app features: RXCE Features

  • If we talk about the feature of rxce app, then you will get to see many features in it like
  • First of all this application is free, you can use it for free.
  • Whatever money you earn in this app, you can transfer it to your bank account immediately.
  • You can download this application in your android and ios any device, it is avilable on playstore and appstore all platform.
  • This app is real and legall
  • This app has been made simply so that any new user does not have any problems in using rxce app.
  • There are many more features which you will get to know and use.


Today, what did you learn in this article, today I told you how you can use the RXCE earning app and how to download this app, as well as told you how you can earn money from the RXCE earning app.

Here is how you can download this app in both android and ios and many more information that I have covered you guys in this post, if you liked this post, definitely share it with your friends and in this article If there is any error, please tell by commenting.

Thank you.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Rxce login

You can login in the Rxce official website and the download their apk to play the color prediction game. You can also refer the app to your friends to earn money after they download the app in their phone. For every friend that you refer this app to, you’ll get Rs. 100. You can immediately withdraw this amount to your bank account.

Rxce 2.0

Rxce 2.0 could be the next version of Rxce game in which you had to guess the right color to win the money. It could bring more features, more payout and more fun.

Rxce prediction app

Rxce is a color prediction app where you can win money if you guess the color right. It is a fun game where you can invest as low as Rs. 10 and after winning you’ll get Rs. 19.60 , you can withdraw the money anytime in your bank then.

Rxce company

Rxce company is a color prediction game company where people can earn money by guessing the right color. They can also earn money by referring the app t o their friends anf if they download te app using your code or link you can get Rs. 100 instantly which you can then withdraw in your bank account.

Rxce login color prediction

Rxce Login color prediction is a game where you have to predict the color and if your guess the color right you can win huge prizes.

Rxce PlayStore app

Currently Rxce app is not available on Play Store, you can login using the online portal on Google and download itas apk from their official website

Is Rxce a scam? Is Rxce fake?

Many users have reported that they have got money from this app simply by guessing the right color. However we are not the owner of this game and are not associated with them by any means that’s why we cant say for sure if it is actually true.

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