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Hey guys, welcome to Justice Tv. Today I am going to tell you about the Champcash app and Champcash apk download. 

The Champcash app has helped thousands of people, if not lakhs get a job and start their income just by sitting at home. People who could not get out of their homes for some reason or who were unemployed even after getting a professional degree, started making a fortune just by installing this app.

Today, I will tell you about the truth of the Champcash app, how to download cashchamp apk and how to earn money through it. So let’s dive into our topic.

What is Champcash?

Champion Networks Private Limited is a MLM (Multi Level Marketing) scheme. This company was started on 9th February 2015 by Mahesh Verma, Akansha and K.B. Verma. Unfortunately Mahesh Verma succumbed to dengue fever in 2017 but he sure became a hope for many. Its headquarters are situated at Sco- 29, First floor, Main market, Sector 14, Karnal, Haryana, India. According to its makers, it’s the biggest free smartphone network from which a person can earn unlimited real cash. The Champcash app is available on Google Play Store and has many positive reviews with a rating of 4.2

Champcash app download

champcash app

Champcash app is a money earning app which can be easily downloaded through google play store. It hosts the data of lakhs of people in its database who have downloaded it before. It was released in 2015 by Champion Networks Private Limited, as I said earlier and helps earn money. It is downloaded by more than 1 million people. It is really popular among the masses, especially youngsters who want to earn money and settle early in life, thus breaking the shackles of their long impoverished lives.

Champcash- Digital India app 2022 can also be downloaded from Google Chrome in the form of apk from various app markets for free. After you download the app, you have to sign up using your mobile number and register yourself in their multi- level marketing scheme. 

It is 14MB in size and needs a minimum Android Version 4.2 that is JellyBean. I guess that’s available in most of the smartphones today unless you carry a phone from 10 years back.


In order to install the Champcash app on your phone and earn money, your phone needs to fulfill certain requirements-

  • You need to have a phone with an android version above 4.2 (Jellybean).
  • You need to have a good internet connection.
  • You need at least 14MB worth of free space in your phone storage.

Champcash app download apk

Champcash apk can be downloaded from Google Chrome through various app stores. But there is no specific benefit of installing from Google chrome because it can be downloaded from Google Play Store too. 

Steps to download Champcash apk-

  1. Search Champcash apk download on Google chrome. 
  2. Go to and click on Download Apk or you can directly reach the website with this link
  3. A message will come, This type of file can harm your device. Continue anyway?
  4. Click on OK.
  5. Then apk will be downloaded and you may check it in the Download section of your smartphone.
  6. There, click on the apk and install the app on your phone.
  7. Now, open the app and register yourself in the company.

Champcash app registration/ How to join Champcash?

After successfully installing the app on your phone, you have to register yourself in the app. Steps to join Champcash-

  1. Open the app. Signup page will appear. You can also view the instructions from the link How to Register?
  2. Fill in appropriate details in the blanks like Name, Email, Number, Password, Date of Birth, Pincode, Gender etc.
  3. After this click on I Accept Terms and Conditions, only then you’ll be able to proceed to the next page.
  4. On the next page you’ll be asked for the Referral Id of the sponsor. This could be the Id of your friend who has invited you to this app. After registering with the referral Id, you’ll automatically be a part of your friends marketing chain.
  5. After filling in the referral id, you’ll be asked to verify the referral. You’ll also be able to see the name of the person who has referred you to this app. If the details are wrong or the referral id written by you, you can omit that in this stage. If you find that all the details are correct, you can click on Verify.
  6. After this an OTP message will reach your phone. Fill in the OTP and then click on Confirm.
  7. After confirming the otp password, you’ll see a page asking you to accept the challenge that comes on the next screen.
  8. After accepting the challenge, you’ll see a pop up window with instructions for the challenge on the next screen. According to these instructions you have to adhere to and complete the challenge to be a member of Champcash.
  9. After this, the next screen will appear. Here you’ll see 4-5 android apps that you have to download on your phone and use them for 1-2 minutes. Remember, download these apps only from the link provided to you on this screen. If you download them separately from Google play store, you may not get the money. 
  10. After completing this challenge, you’ll see a congratulatory note and receive a bonus amount of 1 dollar. Finally you’ll be able to use the champcash app and start earning money.
  11. Below the congratulatory note, you’ll see a Start button. After clicking on the button, you’ll receive your own Sponsor referral Id. You can refer this Id and invite your friends on the app. You will be able to create your team and start a marketing chain.

How does the Champcash app work?

Little did you know that Champcash is actually a marketing platform for other brands. Here brands and companies can advertise their products using ads. The app also uses Google adsense that pays the makers of this app on every view or ad click. The more views or clicks, higher the revenue earned through Google adsense. Initially the idea of this company was to earn through google adsense and share a part of their income with the users. 

Every user could have a dashboard linked with the database of the app, where the developers could see how many ads they have seen or clicked on. According to their numbers, the income from the developer is shared with that person. Eventually the app started a multi level marketing system where users can invite other people on the platform and through that create a multi level marketing chain.

The app also uses affiliate marketing through which users who are interested in buying the products can use this app as an ecommerce platform and when the product is bought through the affiliate links, the developers get commission from each sale. You will be surprised to know that the company even shares the affiliate income with their users. Hence people get extra cashback with each purchase they make in the app. 

Cashchamp app also provides other inbuilt features like ChampCoin, MyChampShopMyChampShop, Spin and Earn, Invite and earn etc. 

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Champcash app features

There are several features or benefits you get while using the Champcash app.

  • You get a bonus for signing up with a referral code.
  • You can earn commission on everything you do on Cashchamp like inviting friends, spin and earn, purchasing through affiliate links, viewing ads etc.
  • This app is free for everyone to join.
  • It provides employment opportunities and provides income to lakhs of people.
  • There’s no age bar, anyone can register in the app.
  • Quick withdrawals from your dashboard to your linked bank account.
  • Every purchase, commission, referral, invitation can be managed through your dashboard. You are in control of everything.
  • Best chance to earn unlimited and free money.
  • As your marketing chain grows and you advance toward level 7 of the marketing chain, you’ll be able to earn 7- 21 crore per month.

How much can I earn from Champcash?

champcash apk

There are various stages or levels in the multilevel marketing chain in the champcash app. As you advance towards level 7, your commission gets decreased but the number of people is surely increasing. On the first level you get 50% of the commission of whatever purchase, recharge, winning or payment your friend makes on his app whom you have referred with your sponsor ID.

In the first level once you invite 10 people then you can pass to Level 2. As they invite 100 people (10 persons each), you get passed to level 3. Similarly you get 10 million people added up to your chain in Level 7. At that time you could be earning at least Rupees 7 crore per month. 

But why stop here? We know that the percentage of commission drops with every passing level so to get the maximum amount of commission through others, it would be beneficial to add as many people as we like in level 1. People whom we add ourselves are all added in the level 1 chain and they get us the maximum commission. 

But if you only want to do passive income through Champcash, you can just add 10 people and let others do the rest. They’ll join more people and you’ll get free money from your big chain. 

Commission rates at different levels 

On level 1, you get 50% commission of whatever your friend earns. At this level you can invite an unlimited number of people through your referral ID. If your friend earns $0.6, then you’ll get $0.3 and for 10 friends $3 in total. After 10 friends you’ll pass to level 2 but still invite more people. 

If they invite more people they’ll get $0.3 and you’ll get $0.06 that is 10% commission from their friends. Hereafter the commission percentage will keep decreasing but people will keep increasing. In this way at level 7 you’ll only get 5% commission but you’ll be earning at least 7 crore rupees from them. 

Also all the earnings from Level 1 to Level 6 will add up too. Hence you’ll be earning around 23 crores. Sounds like a dream right? But the process is not gonna be that easy as it sounds. Making a chain of 1 crore people is hard and difficult and takes time. 

The bonus note is that all this earning is solely from inviting friends. Apart from this you’ll also get earnings through affiliate links, surveys, app downloads, viewing advertisements, spin and earn, etc. 

Once the chain is made you’ll get earning for a lifetime. Though there is no limit for inviting people, you should focus on getting more and more people in the first level because from them you’ll get maximum commission. First level is also called the Joining Plan and it should be mandatory to get the maximum number of people in the Joining Plan.

You can check the commission rates in the table given below. This is just an example. The rates can vary according to the money earned by your friends but the company promises that you’ll surely make a fortune even with the lowest rates.

How to earn through Champcash app

There are many ways through which you can earn money using the Champcash app. Now I will tell you in detail how to make money from various tasks and ways.

1. More joinings

You are probably annoyed with this line now but I am saying it again that you have to bring as many people as possible in the first level so you can get 50% commission on each person’s purchase, payment, surveys, commission etc.

That’s why immediately after joining the app, you have to bring more and more people into the app. It would be great if you share the link on social media apps and make the use of huge fan following on your accounts.

2. Active members

We all know that there are people in a group that dont like to work. They are lazy and slothful and depend on others to do their work. Because of them whole team has to suffer for they are incompetent to complete their roles. Even if they do their work on time, their work is incomplete or inefficient. Like they will invite people who are not interested at all just to get the work done, they’ll add siblings, family, relatives, anyone.

That’s why you ought to invite the majority of Active people in your marketing chain. These people will surely call out their friends and pass their referrals. Select those people who you think desperately need money and genuinely work hard to get their work done. These people don’t like to waste time and get their work done quickly. Hence you’ll get more money. 

3. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a process in which you have to share the links of the products to your friends, family, and followers on any online platform. When a person buys a product from your link you get a commission of the price of that product. This is a very popular way to earn money online and is used by many bloggers and Youtubers to generate a hefty amount of income. 

There are many popular affiliate marketing programs in the world like CJ affiliate, ShareASale, Awin, Amazon affiliates, Champcash affiliates etc. In champcash you can buy any product you like and then the developers will receive affiliate income because you have purchased a product from their affiliate links. But the process ain’t over yet.

You will receive that affiliate income because the developers share a part of their affiliate income with you. Don’t worry, all the sales and commission from this method are recorded in your dashboard that you can view later.

Not only will you get affiliate income from your purchases but you’ll also get a part of income from your whole chain. If anyone buys a product through affiliate link, you’ll get some share of it.

4. Ads

Champcash app contains an Ad junction section. Here you can see a lot of ads and earn money. How? As I told you earlier Champcash lets brands and advertising programs show ads on their app in the ad junction section. When users view or click these ads, they get money from it which is similar to youtube when someone views or clicks our ads on our youtube channel. Similarly they earn money from these ads.

But what’s great is that they share part of their income with us. The amount of money that we generate through ads is fully given to us back. All the clicks and views are recorded in our dashboard that’s why we don’t need to worry about that. I haven’t seen any app do such a thing before, it’s really great on part of the Champcash app.

Again not only yours but you get money from others too because all the commission earned through the ads clicks and views from people in your chain is also given to you. 

5. Champshop portal

Champcash app has an online shopping portal as well that provides great deals, discounts and offers to the people. Users can purchase anything through this portal. Unlike affiliate marketing in the apo, this online portal or website contains much more products and the links don’t need to be shared with people.

The portal is linked to your Champshop account thus you get a report of all the discounts and offers you have availed. These offers get converted to money which are added to your dashboard. Again all the benefits and discounts enjoyed by team mates are also added to your account in the form of commission.

6. Spin and win

Spin and win is yet another feature of the Champcash app that enables us to earn small amounts of money.Here you can earn money from 2 ways. First, you can spin the wheel and the winnings are distributed in the form of money. However these winnings are pretty small. Also you get only 15 spins per day. But after all it’s free money that’s why we should use it and spin daily to make even the slightest of revenue. 

The Second way is to see the ads that come between the spins. All the money generated from these ads by your views is given back to you in your account. Spin and win is a daily feature that provides Extra income and should be used daily. However there’s a twist in this feature. You don’t get winnings from your teammates in this section and the money generated by an individual is solely for himself.

Thus it depends on your own hard work and time used in this section.

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7. Invite and earn

Invite and earn feature is similar to referral money. In the referral link you can invite your friends using contact numbers that are synced from your mobile phone to this app. Whereas in invite and earn you get a link that you can share with anyone present online.

To avail this benefit you have to click on Invite & Earn button, then you have to choose your preferred language. After this you’ll get your invitation link that is linked to your unique Sponsor Id. A text message will be prepared with the link that will tell what the app is about. 

You just have to share the whole message that contains the link in it. By this method you can invite anyone through Instagram, Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Telegram etc. The word is that this feature is among the best features of this app to earn huge amounts of money. If you have a good presence online or a huge fan following this may be the perfect fit for you.

8. App installs

champcash link

App installation feature is the same one we took as a challenge before becoming a member of this app. This work is really easy, you just have to download the android apps or games that are listed in this section. Remember to download it only from the links given in this app not separately from Google Play Store. When you download the apps or games, you’ll have to use those apps for 1-2 minutes. 

To observe these apps if you are using or not and keep track of the usage time, you’ll have to give permissions and access to the Champcash app to draw over other apps. All the time will be noted in your dashboard and after completing the challenge you’ll get some points.

1000 points are converted to 1 dollar which are added to your account. You get many points on each app installation. There are only a limited amount of apps that you can download per day. Similarly you get the commission for app installations from your friends too added to your marketing chain.

For example if you get 50 paisa per app and install only 6 apps per month which is highly unlikely because you get 3-4 app installations daily. So even if you were downloading as low as 6 apps per month, you’ll get Rs. 3, similaely from 10 referrals you’ll get a commission of Rs 30 and at level 7 you’ll be able to get Rs 3 crore per month. These figures look unbelievable but can be attained with hard work.

9. Video wall

Video wall is a type of reels page where you csn see videos from YouTube, facebook, instagram, shots, reels etc. It is similar to Ads Junction but more of a video promotion section. Here you can see the ads given by brands and companies so they can promote their products and services to the people who have downloaded this app. 

The app is also used by influencers and creators to get huge reach for their content and videos and get a chance to become viral. Now the great feature os this section is that it gives you commission for viewing these ads. The amount og monry that the developers receive for the promotion of videos brands are distributed among apps useds according to the time they have spent in viewing or clicking those promotional content or videos.

10. Mobile recharge

Mobile recharge is a necessary payment that we do every month. A normal family has 4 people and if they do mobile recharge for their data plans, it would cost around Rs 800 per month. Now there’s a section of mobile recharge as well in the Champcash app. 

From each mobile recharge you get a certain percentage of commission. 

If you do it for your whole family, you can multiply the commission by the number of members in your family. Champcash app is connected to all the telecom operators in India and all the plans are available in this app. Similarly you get all the commission from your teammates who pay for their data plans eith the help of this app. You’ll be surprised to know that Champcash is a proud partner of Digital India mission and that it provides a lot of esrning opportunities for the youth of this generation. 

11. Promote content

Above you read, how creators, influencers and brands use this app to get their content viral and get a reach for their products to large number of people. This method can also be used by you to get a reach for your business, blog or youtube channel if you have. 

The conversion rate or the succes rate for this app is high because according to its algorithm it only shows those people your content who are genuinely interested in it based on their past activities.

This can be used to get huge fan following on instagram, youtube, felacehook, telegram etc. And when you get so many followers, you can share with them your referral code to generate extra income. 

Champcash money withdrawal

All the winnings can be withdrawn from your Champcash wallet. People were shocked to know that they dont need a minimum balance to withdraw their money into their bank accounts which is not the case in Google adsense or Amazon affiliate marketing. This app is more concerned with the comfort of users and a better user experience. They want to provide more quality than quantity. 

You’ll get 3 options to withdraw your money in this app. First you can recharge your mobile, second you can redeem your money in Paytm and third you’ll be able to transfer it to your bank account. 

But before any withdrawal you’ll need to complete your KYC verification. For that you have to upload your identity proof and PAN card on the app. They’ll be manually checked to see if you are a real person and your verification will be done within a day. 

You can also use your money to shop further in the app so that you get extra commission from it.

Champcash proofs

This all sounds like a dream right that’s why champcash provides various proofs that one can see to check if the company is real or not, genuine or not. All these things can be verified with the help of Google or you can visit their headquarters in Karnal, Haryana to verify about the company.

Is the question remains in your mind that Champcash is fake or real? You can check the documents provided below that I have attached from one of their websites. All the documents were provided by their own interest and will, I have no part in collecting them or using them whatsoever. The scanned photographs is that of original documents.

MCA Certificate

champ cash

Ministry of Corporate Affairs is a governmen portal containing information of all the companies in India. This helps users verify the authenticity of the company.

PAN card

Every person in India above 18 should have a PAN card. It is necessary for a company to have a PAN card that enables to pay a person his income tax with the help of unique PAN number. The pan of the company is registered in the name of Champions Network Private Limited.


The company can located on Google Maps with the help of their comoany address which is Sco- 29, First floor, Main market, Sector 14, Karnal, Haryana. You may contact the company with the help of contact details provided below.

Champcash app contact details

Name of App: Champcash App
Version: Champcash 3.46.99003945
Offered by: Champion Networks Pvt Ltd
Size: 14.08MB
App Type: Earning
OS: Android
Requirement: Android 4.2 and above

Download Link:  

For any queries or help, one can contact the inbuilt app support. 
Whatsapp number- 999-610-0555
Helpline number- 184-402-2033
Call Timings- 9am to 6pm
WhatsApp timings- Anytime


I hope that you have understood about Champcash app download and Champcash apk.

Champcash has been portrayed as a fraud or scam app by media  because of the pompous earning figures provided by the developers of this app. The company says that it has helped millions of people whereas the total downloads of this app have only been 10 lakhs till date. It is difficult to believe at such luring statements which manage to attract only the gullible.

The truth of this app is that it totally seems to be a fake app. The pompous figuree shown in the statements of this company are not even earned by the developers themselves and unfortunately the founder of this company is long dead. This app cannot be found in Google Play Store however it can be downloaded from Google Chrome in the form of an APK. Mere providing some documents does not clarify that these documents are original and not edited. 

One needs to be reasonable and thought giving in downloading this apps which tell that just buy downloading certain apps from their links will help you make a fortune and you will become a millionaire in your life. If it were that easy thousands and millions of people wouldn’t be preparing out there giving exams and working there ass off.

That with his infront of you and I have explained everything. If you liked this post, then do share it with your friends and family.

Today we learnt-

  1. Champcash app
  2. Champcash apk download
  3. Champcash download apk
  4. Champcash link

If you have any queries then feel free to ask me in the comment section below, I’ll be at your service.


FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Champcash app customer care

You can contact the customer care helpline mentioned in the champcash app. You can also contact directly with the help of WhatsApp number that is available to talk to 24/7.

How to use champcash

Champcash is an online money earning app. However it is categorised under Entertainment section of the Google Play Store. The app is easy to use. First you have to download it from the Google Chrome and register yourself in the app using your details like phone number, email, name etc. Then you will be asked to download certain apps and use it for 1-2 minutes which will give you some bonus points and they can be redeemed in the form of money immediately. 

As you invite more and more people in the app with the help of your referral sponsor ID you will create a long chain of many people which is termed as multi level marketing scheme. On every purchase, survey, payment or reference created by people in your long chain, you will get a part of their income as commission and you will be able to earn millions in a month using this method.

How much we can redeem in champcash

All the points you have earned in the app are converted into money and that money can be redeemed instantly in your bank account Paytm or any form of purchase in the app itself. There is no minimum threshold on the amount to be withdrawn from your dashboard.

How to earn 10 daily online champcash

It is very easy to earn money daily online from champcash. Some of the ways in which you can earn are-
1. Invite and Earn 
2. Survey 
3. Mobile recharge 
4. Affiliate links 
5. Ads junction 
6. Video wall
7. App installs

Is champcash illegal

No champcash is not illegal but the idea of earning millions just by downloading some simple apps with help of the links present in champcash app sounds very unrealistic and made up.

Is champcash fake or real?

Champcash app sounds very fake on behalf of their statements of earning Millions just buy downloading apps and viewing ads on their platform. Also the app was closed long past and now can only be downloaded from Google Chrome. There has been no recent update about the company after the unfortunate desmise of the founder of the company.

Can I delete apps from champcash

After you have downloaded the apps with the help of links present in the champ cash apps and used those apps for 1 to 2 minutes you will get bonus points which then can be redeemed in the form of money to your bank account. The apps then can be deleted because you have already earned the points.

How do apps like champcash make money

Champcash also takes money from the apps that are listed on this platform to be downloaded by the users for 1 to 2 minutes. After all, this is a great marketing scheme that allows the apps to have a large number of downloads. The general idea of making these apps is to make money with the help of advertising content to a large user base. Although some part of the income earned by developers is distributed to the users in the form of rewards.

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