google adsense approval hindimetech

google adsense approval hindimetech

On a blog, getting google Adsense approval hindimetech requires some serious claim chasing. However, some bloggers don’t go through these formalities when they apply for Adsense. Their blog is denied as a result. Many bloggers stop blogging as a result of being disillusioned by this. However, there is no ideal response to this issue. if you don’t want your blog to be ignored. And you’ll get google Adsense approval hindimetech on your first attempt! read this article in its entirety. since this post has provided knowledge about the subject.

google Adsense approval hindimetech of 100%

I started my first blog on in 2010. Since then, I have developed numerous blogs and websites. but I never gave blogging any thought. I started my YouTube channel in 2017. also uploaded 150 or so videos. But after quitting the channel, I started a blog on once more in 2018. And after ten articles had been published, I applied for google Adsense approval hindimetech. but didn’t obtain the go-ahead. because there was very little content. Additionally, the pieces were relatively brief. In addition to this, there were other other flaws.

Google requested to reapply after fixing the flaws for this reason. I then corrected all the errors and reapplied after a week. Therefore, it was quite simple to get the approval. But the pay was quite meagre. The earnings during the first month were only $1.42. Because of this, I started a second blog to increase my income. On another blog, I published 16 lengthy posts. and submitted an Adsense application. But this time, like Usability and Speed The blog was rejected because of issues
Therefore, after addressing the shortcomings, reapplied. and quickly received approval the second time. However, the pay was still extremely meagre. I started a new blog for that reason. And this time, I was able to get Adsense approval right away. But now running three blogs has proven to be challenging. Deleting both of the latter blogs allowed their posts to be published on the original blog. This infuriated Google Baba to the point where he deleted my blog.

After then, I established this blog in 2019 by purchasing hosting. and published just 14 blogs on it before applying for Adsense. therefore without any issues received clearance. I have previous experience, thus. Because of this, there was no issue. But I believe that first-time Adsense applicants are bloggers. They lack any prior experience. How awful they must feel if their blog is rejected in such a circumstance.

I wrote this post with this in mind. I’ve covered the three key requirements from the Google Adsense Terms & Conditions in this article. Additionally, it has been stated how old your blog should be before applying for Adsense. How many people should use it? How many more articles are necessary? how to set up the blog, too. to successfully obtain Adsense approval on your first try.

1.first-level domain

google adsense approval hindimetech

The domain name of a blog or website is crucial. Because this is how a blog may be distinguished. For this reason, you have to give your blog a Top Level Domain. for instance,.com,.in,.net,, etc. Not only would this make it simpler to acquire Adsense approval, but also. There will also be reasonable traffic.

Getting approval can be challenging if you are using a free or subdomain. Purchase the domain as a result before submitting the blog. Map it out on your blog as well. such that obtaining clearance is simple. For additional details about Domain Mapping, click this link.

The age of the domain is now the subject of discussion for Adsense approval. Thus, there is no conclusive response. My domain was roughly 8 months old when I initially submitted an application for Adsense. yet was still turned down. This domain, however, was just 17 days old. But even so, it was quickly accepted. So, in my opinion, it is irrelevant how old a domain is. Your blog alone should be completely set up. Good material should also be included. It won’t be hard to get approval.Design that is responsive

This has major significance. since not everyone utilizes the same type of technology. Some people use a computer, while others use a tablet, laptop, or smartphone. In this case, the blog’s design should be such that it functions well on every device. This means that no part of any page should be omitted or extend beyond the edge of the screen. Because the users have a lot of problems as a result. Google is also very tough about this.Pay close attention to your blog’s design as a result.

you can purchase domain through these websites :- hostinger, hostgator,godaddy
or you can start with free domain like:-

2. responsive design

google adsense approval hindimetech

Be sure to use a responsive theme. and appropriately create the header, footer, and sidebar. Use your logo and favicon, too. And properly navigate all the blog’s key pages, categories, and menus. so that there are no issues for the users.

Pay close attention to the blog’s front page. Do not use background animation or images. Make careful colour choices as well. The blog’s background should be designed so that the Texts and Links are easily visible. like text in black or blue on a white background. In addition, group your content into sections. Additionally, keep the homepage spotless.

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3.Quick Load

google adsense approval hindimetech

The blog’s loading time ought to be quick. Because Google prioritizes websites that load quickly. That is why if you utilize Java Scripts, CSS Files, and widgets on your blog from all over the world! So take them out. These cause the blog to load slowly. Because of this, it is difficult to acquire Adsense approval.

Use a Lightweight and Fast Theme for your blog as a result. Additionally, keep the page size to around 100KB. Do not use HD or Full HD images either. because doing so enlarges the page needlessly. As a result, it takes a while for the website to load. Use compressed images for this reason.

Some bloggers embellish their posts with pointless animations, widgets, and CSS files. It really bogs down the blog. Obtaining the approval of Adsense is very challenging as a result. Because the blog is dispersed in it after the speed test is completed. Google therefore disapproves of such blog.

4.Crucial Pages

google adsense approval hindimetech

Pages like About Us, Contact Us, Desclaimer, Privacy Policy, and Copyright Terms and Conditions should all be present on your blog. Considering that these pages provide crucial information about your blog. such includes full disclosure of the blog’s topic, purpose, content, copyright policy, privacy policy, and other terms and conditions

Let’s present Having these pages is crucial for this reason. Google will reject your blog if it does not contain these pages. You must create these pages because of this.

5.Unique Content

google adsense approval hindimetech

Your writing must be totally original and distinctive. This indicates that it shouldn’t be copied from elsewhere. Since copied content cannot be made money. Because of this, double-check everything before publishing the blog. Is there any content on your blog that you don’t own the rights to? Remove any such substance before applying if there is any.

I want to clarify that when we talk about content, we don’t just mean texts. Instead, it is all of the content that you publish on your blog. Including images, video, animation, graphics, audio files, documents, and more. Therefore, carefully examine each and every piece of material. and take down any protected content. so that obtaining Adsense approval is simple.

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6.Related Subjects

google adsense approval hindimetech

Each and every one of your articles must adhere to Google’s Terms & Conditions. And there should be no articles on unethical subjects. like material that encourages hacking, cracking, piracy, drug use, and other illicit activities. because of the nature of these topics. It is against Google Adsense’s terms and conditions. Google does not accept such themes in any way because of this.
In addition, if you explain the details of gadgets, etc. on your site. Or offer the option to download music, movies, apps, and games, among other things. Even then, no money will be made from your blog. because copyright protects this kind of stuff. Therefore, refrain from publishing posts on them.

7.All Posts In This Category

google adsense approval hindimetech

On your blog, there should be no empty categories. implies that posts should exist in each category. For instance, if your blog has ten categories, each of those ten categories should have entries. In reality, Google comprehends this by examining empty Categories.

If you wish to write an SEO-ready post in this circumstance. Your message must therefore contain at least 250 words. However, 250 words is a fairly short amount for informational articles. due to the fact that no topic can be completely covered in so few words. Write at least 800 words as a result. There will be more if your blog post is between 1000 and 1500 words long. because obtaining Adsense approval will be simple.

8.Blog Visits

google adsense approval hindimetech

The amount of blog traffic has a big impact on Adsense approval. The source of traffic, though, is far more significant. that is, from whence is the traffic coming? if originating from social media and search engines. Therefore, obtaining approval won’t be a problem. However, if you are gaining visitors by immoral means (Bots, Auto-Click Scripts etc.). Consequently, your Adsense application will be denied. Therefore, avoid taking the wrong route in traffic.

At least 100 visitors must visit your blog in order for Adsense to approve it. If the blog’s traffic is less than 100, it should first be increased. the submission of your blog. in order to prevent Blog Reject. Social networking can be used to help you boost traffic.


9.Remove other people’s ads

google adsense approval hindimetech

If advertisements from another ad network appear on your blog. So kindly take them away. Because doing so can make it difficult for you to gain Adsense approval. Don’t post any ads on your blog until you get Google’s approval, for this reason.

Sign Up For Adsense

Make sure your blog complies with all the requirements listed above before submitting it to Google Adsense. Wait another few days. Google will be testing your blog extensively throughout this period. and will find mistakes. If every test was completed for your blog. As a result, you will receive Adsense approval without any issues.

But if any test you ran on your blog failed. You will receive an email, much like Google. where it will be stated what the flaws in your blog are? How can they be corrected, then? You will need to reapply after fixing those shortcomings because of this.

Win approval from google Adsense hindimetech

Your blog should not be denied if that is what you desire. Obtain Adsense approval as soon as possible! So, sincerely adhere to all of the advice given above. And finish writing your blog in full. All of your links, in particular, should be functional. And no error should appear while selecting any link.

AdSense by Google

  • Adsense Approval of 100%
  • The URL for any removed posts, pages, categories, images, etc., should be correct.
  • Redirect technique. Otherwise, your Adsense application may be rejected due to broken links. Check as a result before posting the blog. Are all of your links functional or not? Is there another error on the way?

Profit From Adsense

once Google Adsense has approved your blog. The subject of a mail to you will be Your website is now prepared to start serving AdSense advertising. What more must you do after entering your Publisher ID? In relation to this, necessary instructions will also be received. You must login to your Adsense account by following these instructions. then create some ad code, which you may paste on your website.

Once the ad code has been pasted, your blog will begin to display ads. And you’ll start earning money. I want to let you know that Google Adsense offers a wide variety of advertisements. You can pick your favourite advertising from among them. Additionally, you have the option to personalise your advertising. if you wish to maximize your income. Consequently, drive more people to your blog. Because the income will be higher the more traffic there is.

Summary for Adsense

if your blog has been finished entirely. as well as the terms and conditions of Google Adsense. As a result, Adsense will approve your blog 100%. Google won’t have any grounds to reject your blog, for this reason. But it is your responsibility to fully set up the blog. As a result, finish writing your blog thoroughly. apply for Adsense next. so that the first time around, your Adsense application will be approved.

This article should have helped you learn how to acquire 100% Adsense approval. And how can a blog achieve 100% approval for AdSense? I learned a lot of important information about it. Please like and share this article if you enjoyed it. Subscribe to for more articles like this one. so that you will be notified everytime we post a new article

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