Gamezy app download

Gamezy app download

Hey guys, welcome to Justice Tv. Today I am going to tell you about the Gamezy app download and Gamezy apk download. 

The craze for IPL has increased leaps and bounds in our country. People even have small parties and burst crackers on the occasion of their favourite team winning a match. Amid this craze, some people have found a way to earn money by betting on these teams. 

But betting on teams for money is not legal in India so there has come a new way to earn money with the help of IPL i.e. Fantasy gaming. You would have heard about this term before, somewhere in TV ads about Dream11, MPL or Winzo. These are fantasy gaming apps where you can create a team of players on your premonition about who is going to perform well in the real match. 

Today, I will tell you about the Gamezy app, how to download gamezy apk and how to earn money through it. So let’s dive into our topic.

Gamezy app download

Gamezy app is a gaming app. It hosts a number of fantasy games, card games and casual games. It is available in 8 different languages, thus can be enjoyed in many regions all over India. 

It was released in 2017 by GamesKraft and over 1 crore people have tried this app to this day. This means that it has gotten really popular among the masses especially among the gamer heads. Most of the downloads are in the form of apk because the app was released on Google Play store in 2020.

Gamezy app can be used to earn hard cash by putting money in games and winning those games. You can easily download this app from the Google Play Store or it can be downloaded through Google chrome too in the form of apk.

When you download the app, you get Rs. 100 as sign-up bonus that can be used to try your luck in the game. If you win any game with that money, you’ll get winning cash. Only winning cash can be withdrawn from the Gamezy app. 

You can add money to your Gamezy wallet if you wish to enter and play more games.


In order to play with the Gamezy app your phone needs to have certain requirements fulfilled.

  • You need to have a phone with an android version above 5.1 (Lollipop).
  • You need to have a good internet connection to play online matches.
  • You need at least 50MB worth of free storage space in your phone memory.
  • You must be at least 18 years old to play in simulated gambling.

Gamezy app download apk

Gamezy app download

Gamezy apk can be downloaded from Google Chrome. Although there is no specific advantage of downloading it from Google chrome because the app can be downloaded from Google Play Store too. 

Steps to download Gamezy apk-

  1. Write Gamezy apk download on Google chrome. 
  2. Go to and click on Download Apk or you can directly reach the website with this link. 
  3. There will come a message from your device, This type of file can harm your device. Continue anyway?
  4. Then click on OK.
  5. Your apk will be downloaded and you can check it in the Download section of your smartphone.
  6. There, click on the apk once and install the app on your phone.
  7. Now, you can open the app and start playing the game as long as you wish to.

Gamezy app download from Google Play Store.

  1. Visit the Google Play store.
  2. Find Gamezy app.
  3. Install the app in your phone.
  4. You can use this referral code 9JO4D5 to get a signup bonus of Rs. 50.

Gamezy app info

Gamezy app is developed by GamesKraft. It offers the following games-

  • Fantasy gaming- Fantasy Cricket, Football and Kabaddi.
  • Card games- Rummy and Poker
  • Casual games- Ludo, 8ball pool, Carrom, Cricket, Bubble shooter and many more.

You can try any game in offline mode unlimited times before you enter the real game and you can play in Gamezy 24×7 because there is always a person waiting to play on the other side. 

For fantasy gaming you can take part in Mega contests, Hot contests and Head2head contests. For rummy you can try Pool Rummy, Deals Rummy, 101 & 201 Points Rummy, anytime with your friends and family. For casual games, you can try a game in offline or online mode with your friends or real players. Casual games is a recent addition to Gamesy making it more interesting and fun.

Fantasy gaming

Suppose there’s a cricket match between two teams and you are sitting in the stadium. Now based on the weather, form of the players, pitch etc. you’ll make a prediction that one of the teams will win the match. 

Now suppose you are given the choice to make your own team from all the players. You’ll have to choose 11 players. So you choose any 11 players which you think will perform best in today’s match. As the game progresses, the players who perform well, their points rise up.

Those players who perform bad, their points fall down. At the end of the match, if the players in your team had maximum points, you win. 

The same choice had been given to a thousand other people but you won and thus you got a cash prize worth lakhs of rupees.

This is what is called fantasy gaming. You can choose players from the real upcoming matches and create a team. If your team has maximum points, you win. 

But not only the winner gets all the cash, other people also get cash benefits based on their score. The winning amount is added to your Gamezy wallet which can be redeemed anytime if your balance is above Rs. 200.

Card games

There are two card games in the Gamezy app- Rummy and Poker.

Rummy is a card game where you have to create sets of card sequences. All the cards are distributed among the players ans some are kept for reserve. Based on your wit, you have to create a card sequence.

  • Either you can create a sequence of 3-4 cards in ascending order of the same suit.
  • Or you can create a combination of 3-4 cards of the same rank but different suites.

The player who creates these combinations multiple times and still has some cards left in his hand, wins the game.

Poker is a card game which is played with the help of chips. It is more of a table game. Each players is given 5 cards and with the help of those he/she has to play the game.

Casual games

Casual games was recently added to Gamezy app to make it more fun. People who love to pass their time with simple lite games can try their hand on this section. It consists of more than 10+ games like Ludo, Carrom, 8ball pool which people play in large numbers. 

Carrom- A classic tabletop game in which a disc is used to strike a coin and target it in the 4 corners of the board. It’s amazing to think about how a board game can be played online for free. Also it can be used to earn huge cash prizes if you add money to the game.

Ludo- Ludo is a multiplayer game in which you have to race your tokens by a path to the finish line. In the path you may encounter the tokens of other players who might try to kill your tokens. The game is played with the help of a dice which shows the number of steps you have to take with the tokens.

8ball pool- 8 ball pool is a multiplayer game played on a snooker table. With the help of a stick and a striker white ball, you have to hit the other balls in pockets. An advantage of playing 8ball pool online is that you get guidelines visible on the ball being target that shows where the ball will go after being hit by the striker white ball. 

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Gamezy app features

Gamezy apk

There are several features or benefits you get while using the Gamezy app.

  • You get a bonus for signing up with a referral code.
  • There are no bots in the game, which makes it more challenging and fun.
  • You can change players in Fantasy gaming till the last minute before the match starts.
  • The 2nd inning is also available.

Gamezy app details

Name of App: Gamezy App

Version: Gamezy 9.0.2022.030812

Offered by: Gamezy official

Size: 49.08MB

App Type: Gaming

OS: Android

Requirement: Android 5.1 and above

Download Link: 

Official website: 

For any queries or help, one can contact the inbuilt app support.

Official mail Id – [email protected] 

How to earn through Gamezy app

There are some ways through which you can earn money using the Gamezy app. The first one, you know very well, is the sole purpose of the game.

1. Contest

By adding money to your Gamezy wallet and winning the matches, you can earn a lot of hard cash. All your money will be added to your wallet which can be withdrawn later. You can add money in the wallet using Paytm, Payu, Visa, Mastercard, Google pay, RuPay, Netbanking, UPI etc.

2. Quiz

You can join a quiz with money and get real cash by winning the game. Your winnings will be transferred immediately to your wallet after the game finishes. It’s a great opportunity to showcase your general knowledge skills.

3. Refer and earn

You can earn a little bonus every time a person downloads the game and signup in the app using your referral code. If you invite a person using your referral code, you get Rs. 100 and the other person gets Rs. 50 as a signup bonus.

Also you get a commission of their earnings in the matches. But if you play high value matches, then you can become a Power user and you’ll get even more commission than referral income.

4. Powerplay Influencer program

If a person wants to earn money using this app, he can promote this app on social media platforms and in turn get money for it. It is called Gamezy affiliate marketing. 

First a person has to register the influencer program form in the app. When he gets registered, he can start sharing the invite link of the app. If people download the app using his link and play a game by adding money to their Gamezy wallet, that person will get a commission of their earnings.

By this method, a person can even earn in lakhs. All your earning and performance is tracked on your dashboard and your money is added to your wallet which can be withdrawn later.

Gamezy money withdrawal

All the winnings can be withdrawn from your Gamezy wallet once the minimum balance reaches above Rs. 200. You’ll be redirected to a payment gateway and your linked UPI account or payment method will be used to transfer the money. You can always change the account under settings.


I hope that you have understood about gamezy app download and gamezy apk.

Gamezy has risen to fame in no time. It’s a great place to showcase your gaming skills and earn some money. If you liked this post, then do share it with your friends and family.

Today we learnt-

  1. Gamesy app download apk
  2. Gamezy apk download
  3. Gamezy download apk

If you have any queries then feel free to ask me in the comment section below, I’ll be at your service.


FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Gamezy app customer care

Anyone can contact the team using the support feature in the app. If you wish to write an email, then consider this address to write to: [email protected]

What is Gamezy app?

Gamezy app is a gaming app that mimics the functioning of Dream11 or any other fantasy gaming app. It has been used by over 1 crore people till date making it a popular choice among today’s youth.

Gamezy app download link

Gamezy app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or using Google chrome to download it in the form of apk.

Is Gamezy app illegal?

No, Gamezy app is legal and not banned from any part of India till now whereas other apps like Dream11 are banned from certain regions due to risks involved in money that are against the policies of Google Play Store.But no one can certainly say that this app won’t be banned from Play Store because it uses the same functions as former apps.

Can we register in Powerplay form for free?

Yes, a person can register in Powerplay influencer form for absolutely free.

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