Chicago personal injury attorney

Chicago personal injury attorney

Here you’ll find the best Chicago personal injury attorney Personal injury is a legal term that refers to any injury or damage that you sustain during an accident or an incident caused by negligence or misconduct of others, and affects your mind, body, emotions etc. to which you want compensation for the medical bills, lost wage, diminished quality of life. If you want compensation for your personal injury in Illinois, Chicago then you have come to the right place. 

You should contact Joseph Younes who has an experience of over 30 years and comes from the family of lawyers. He will put every ounce of knowledge and experience that he has to get you a win for sure and make sure you get the full compensation for your loss. 

Law Offices of Joseph Younes work in such a way that you’ll be counseled and shared knowledge with at every step. You’ll get to know about every detail so that you don’t feel left out from the conversation. So how about we jump into our post.

Chicago personal injury attorney

What is a Personal Injury?

Personal Injury means an injury to your body or mind that is due to the negligence, misconduct or severe liability of others that can happen on road, at workplace, home, school, or any other place. James Younes’s law firm covers:

  • Personal Injury
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Premises Liability
  • Uninsured Motorist Claims

Below are some of the examples for which you could file a case for Personal injury and get compensation;

  • Car Accidents, truck accident
  • Slip and Fall
  • Workplace Accidents
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Animal Bites
  • Assault
  • Any intentional Physical Injury
  • Defective or Dangerous Products
  • Toxins transmission
  • Wrongful Death
  • Accidents at construction sites
  • Sports Accidents

What do you mean by a Personal Injury Attorney?

A personal injury attorney assists you in fighting the case for getting the compensation for your injuries from getting injured due to an accident or incident. An attorney has years of knowledge and experience and is trained in that field. He has many connections and knows how to gather evidence. At last he is someone whom you can rely on and who will assure you that he will get the compensation for you for sure.

A personal injury could be caused by the intentional misconduct or negligence of others but that doesn’t mean that you should be burdened to pay the bills and suffer the loss. Justice should prevail that’s why you could get maximum compensation if you contact 

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Different Types of Personal Injury Attorneys

Personal Injury is a broader field. Many lawyers work on specific types of personal injuries like slips and falls, workplace incidents, medical malpractice, toxic transmission etc. and are specially trained in that field so they have more expertise than the attorney who works on a broader field. At you’ll find attorneys from all fields who have expertise and in depth knowledge of that field. 

What can do for you?

Chicago personal injury attorney

If you have suffered from any injury from the negligence of others you are entitled to case compensation for injuries that you sustain. You can seek legal help from the Joseph Younes Law firm which will help you at every step of your case to get maximum compensation for you. We all know that these incidents can prove fatal for anybody and if not you have suffered someone else would have suffered from it. Thus it becomes imperative to take legal assistance for fighting a case.

In many cases the other party tries to hide the evidence or bribe the witnesses but the attorneys know how to deal with them all. knows how to investigate and gather information from the sources to bring justice to you. The main aim of the law firm is to get you to your normal life and back on track. 

What Are The Financial Aspects Of Engaging With A Chicago Personal Injury Attorney?

The Financial Aspect

First there’s the financial loss faced by the injured person then there’s charges of the attorney you need to hire for the case. So there are two points to consider for the financial aspect of a personal injury case.

Financial Loss

A lot of things happen in a personal injury. People get disabled for life, they get injuries, in the worst case people and your loved ones die, this is something no amount of money can change, plus one has to deal with lost wages, medical bills, damages, and a downward quality of living. 

It is already difficult to cope up with all the emotional turmoil he/she goes through and then it becomes even more infuriating or painful when one has to experience the legal procedures, claims, fighting the case in courts, compensation etc. That’s where comes into play. A team of attorneys that will assist you in getting your claim and you won’t have to worry about anything.

Financial Cost

At the Law Offices of Joseph Younes, the financial cost comes after the case, what matters the most is the client and his well being. That’s why they provide free evaluation and counseling for your case. 

Book your appointment today at 

Financial Settlement of a Personal Injury Lawsuit

A personal injury attorney plays a big role in litigation as he gets compensation for you from the other party. He also provides you with his expertise and promises to be with you during difficult times. Sometimes, a settlement is not done so the other person is forced to pay the damages to you. But in most cases a settlement is reached.

In a personal injury case, is a settlement is reached and you finally get the compensation, you pay a contingency fee to the lawyer but if you don’t get compensated and lose the case, you don’t need to pay the contingency fees. Still the attorneys work for the cases tirelessly and leave no stone unturned to get you a victory.

How Do We Negotiate Settlements?

Joseph Younes’s Law firm is much experienced in handling negotiations which it has been doing for over 3 decades. They know what to do, what to expect and how to carry the negotiations smoothly. There are some of the factors which are taken into consideration while taking out the negotiations:

  1. Liability to check who is at fault
  2. Total Damages
  3. Medical bills
  4. Policy Limits
  5. Location factors
  6. Negotiation with Insurance Companies

Thus a settlement is reached.

But many people figure to reach a settlement on their own without hiring a lawyer. Well a case study said that only 51% of the people who don’t hire a lawyer get compensation but 91% of people who hire expert lawyers get compensation. 

It’s your choice to get a lawyer but if you do then Joseph Younes Law firm is the right choice for you. 

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I hope that you find and choose one of the Best Chicago personal injury attorney and would have got to know about the compensation procedure in Personal injury case.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What percentage do most personal injury lawyers take?

A personal injury attorney receives almost 33% of the final settlement in the case but a case with trial has different costs.

Will I get more settlement money with a personal injury lawyer?

Yes, according to a study, you actually get more settlement with a personal injury lawyer because he knows the working of the case, he knows how to deal with legal terms and get compensation. Plus he has experience and connections.

What percentage does a lawyer get in a settlement case in Illinois?

Personal injury lawyer gets almost 33% of the final settlement in a case.

Who is the largest injury attorney in the United States?

The largest injury compensation was in the case Anderson vs Caltrans with attorneys including Russell P. Reiner, Slaughter & Frankel LLP, April K. Stratte of Reine, Todd E. Slaughter with a whopping amount $37,350,000.00

How long before I get the compensation?

The time it takes to receive the compensation in a personal injury case depends on the case to get but in most cases it takes from a few weeks to a few months.

If I get injured on the job, do I need a personal injury lawyer?

Yes, you could hire a personal injury lawyer to receive compensation for the damages and injury you have sustained at your workplace. You could sue your employer but these cases are  mostly complex so you would need to hire a personal injury lawyer for a reputable firm.

How much does a personal injury attorney charge?

A lawyer takes almost 33% of the total compensation in a fair settlement. If you win the case the lawyer receives a contingency fee but if you lose the case the lawyer does not receive the contingency fee.

How can Chicago personal injury attorney help me?

A personal injury lawyer will help you get the maximum compensation. He will record your statement, gather evidence and talk to the insurance company for you. Because he is experienced and specially trained in this field he knows how to get things done and how to represent your case in the court.

Can a Chicago-based personal injury lawyer represent me if I do not live in the state of Illinois?

A Chicago based personal injury lawyer can still represent you if you don’t live in the state of Illinois but you will be subjected to different rules.

How to find a Chicago-based personal injury lawyer?

Search on google to find a good Chicago based personal injury lawyer. You can visit the site to choose from the list of one of the best lawyers in Chicago.

What is a personal injury lawyer?

Personal injury lawyer is a person who represents a person involved in an incident where he/she was injured, harmed or had damages due to misconduct or negligence of others. A personal injury lawyer helps a person get compensation or reach a settlement.

Who is Chicago personal injury attorney is a website that provides you experienced and knowledgeable lawyer for personal injury cases in Chicago. The website is owned by Joseph Younes Law firm.

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