Best Ludo Earning apps 2022

Hey guys, welcome to Justice Tv. Today I am going to tell you about the Ludo earning app, Best ludo earning apps 2022, Ludo money earning game.

Ludo is one of the most popular games in our country. Not many know, but it was even born in our country, the mention of which can be found in the epic “Mahabharata”. Earlier it was played with the help of 6-7 dice and the maximum score was 25, therefore it was known as Pachisi. But in 1896, England adopted it as Ludo keeping a single dice with the maximum score of 6. 

Today you can find hundreds of Ludo gaming apps which you can play with in your leisure time. It can be played between 2-6 players and you’ll never find no opponent in an online match. Ludo has also become an earning opportunity for many who place their money on these online games in the form of entry fees and the winner gets to keep it all.

Now, I’m going to share the name of these apps where you can try your luck on. So let’s dive into our post.

Best Ludo earning apps

Below I have listed the top ludo earning apps that I have personally verified. All these apps give you real money if you win the game. I have also shared my referral code which you can use in these apps to get referral money. With this money you can start playing the games without ever using your own money. So it’s basically free money with which you’ll be able to win real money. 

Subsequently you can use your winning amount as your entry fees for another round. All these apps are free to use and you can play with your friends, family or any random player online. After winning the game you can transfer the money to paytm balance and withdraw your  cash from your bank account. 

#1. Ludo Ninja

Ludo Ninja is known as one of the best apps to play Ludo with your friends and family online. Not only it helps a person to enjoy their time playing the board game but also to earn money by winning Ludo tournaments. The app also helps you to earn money through Refer & Earn, a system in which you can refer this app to your friends with the help of a referral link and if they deposit money or sign-up in the app then you get a commission on their income or a fixed amount on their registration. 

Ludo Ninja referral code: 79XXX15N9X

You also get a bonus when you download and register in the app for the first time. To earn money from Ludo Ninja app-

  1. Visit the official website of LudoNinja and click on the download link.
ludo earning app
  1. After the apk has downloaded, click on the apk to install the app on your phone.
  2. Register yourself in the app with the help of your phone number.
  3. On the default screen of the app you’ll see two game modes i.e. Turbo mode and Ninja mode. You can select either of the two to begin the match.
dream ludo money earning app
  1. In the Refer & Earn section, you can get your referral code. As you read the instructions, it gets clear that you can get upto Rs.30 on every deposit made by your friend who has used your referral. You can also on extra bonus if you use my referral code.
ludo earning game
  1. As you can see, I have earned Rs. 60 on referrals through my code. If I play with this money and win the game then I can transfer this money to my bank account.
ludo earn money app
  1. You need to complete your KYC registration in the app to transfer money to your bank account.

#2. Ludo Supreme

Ludo Supreme is another praiseworthy app that does a commendable job in providing lots of fun and entertainment besides creating employment opportunities for people. Yes you heard it right, it does create employment opportunities for people because the app lets people earn around 40k in just a month That in my opinion is a huge pay amount.

Ludo Supreme Refer code 79XXXZC38U

To earn from Ludo Supreme-

  1. Download the app from Google chrome from its official website.
best ludo game
  1. Sign up using your phone number and OTP.
best money earning app
  1. You will instantly get Rs 10 after the sign up and directed to the homepage. You can also use my referral code to earn extra bonus.
online ludo money earn
  1. In the Refer and Earn section you can see your referral code which you can share with your friends and also the payments that you have received after the installation of the app by your friends.
  2. You can see I have got 40 rupees in my account with the help of referrals that now I can use in the app to play games and win more money.
ludo earn money online
  1. There are tournaments and contests running in the app 24/7. You can choose to play any game by selecting the number of players playing the game, entry fees, the number of winners etc.

#3. Ludo Empire

Ludo Empire, another popular game in the Ludo world. The graphics of this game are though simple yet the winnings are quite pleasing. Even at the midnight hour you’ll see hundreds of people playing the game. 

You will also see a live broadcast of all the winners that have just won the game. But that kind of looks fake because the name of the winners never changes. Everytime you open the app the broadcast shows the same names and the same amount.

There are three modes in the game- Classic mode, quick mode and tournaments. If you wish to play a longer game or a round of games, you can join the tournament. If you wish to finish the game quickly, then you can join Quick mode.

Ludo Empire referral code NclPGV4V

Steps to earn money through Ludo empire-

  1. Visit the site and download the APK with the help of the download button.
ludo earning app
  1. Sign up using your phone number and you will get Rs 10 in your account. Fill in my referral code and you will get extra bonus on the first time. 
  2. You can use this amount to play games in Quick mode, Classic mode and Tournaments.
ludo earning app
  1. There is always someone waiting online for a game to begin so you don’t have to wait.
ludo earning app
  1. You can earn through the referral links by sharing it with your friends and family. The system of referrals in this app is somewhat different from other apps because you don’t only get Rs 5 if your friends sign up in the game with your referral code but you also get a lifetime 2% Commission on every win and deposit they make on the app.

#4. Elite Ludo earning app

Elite Ludo made by Avrlite Games pvt. Ltd may have started in 2020 which looks like a very short span but it has gained huge amounts of fame due to its bizarre gameplay and referral money earning opportunities.

The game explains the importance of strategic planning and doesnt consider Ludo a mere dice game. The app offers 3 modes- Online mode, Friends mode and Computer mode which is very similar to what you see in LudoKing the best ludo app in India.

Elite Ludo referral code: 63WD4OGR

Step to earn money through Elite Ludo-

  1. Download the app from its official website.
  2. Signup using your phone number, email address, username and password.
  3. Enter the OTP that you receive on your phone number.
ludo earning app
  1. Whats peculiar in this game is that you can create your own bet, you can set the betting amount yourself.
ludo earning app
  1. You can play in Online mode, in Friends mode with friends and share the game code and in Computer mode with a bot that’ll help to enhance your skills.
ludo earning app
  1. As soon as you sign up in the app, you get a Rs 10 bonus amount. 
ludo earning app
  1. You can buy more coins anytime or deposit your money in the app.
  2. The winning amount can be withdrawn anytime after you complete the KYC.

#5. Aqua Ludo

Aqua Ludo is also developed by Avslite Games Pvt. Ltd., the same as Elite Ludo. The company was founded in 2013 and the game was developed in July 2021. Not much time has passed since the launch of this game yet it has crossed the 250k milestone in no time. There are 25,000 daily active users on the platform.

The app provides monthly challenges to make the game more interesting and fun. Users can avail heavy cash prizes during that time and earn paytm cash. The game can be played between 2 to 6 players.

Aqua Ludo Refer code: 45RB3BDS

To earn money using Aqua Ludo game-

  1. Download the game apk from Google chrome.
  2. Install the app from the apk.
  3. Signup using your username, email address, phone number and password. Fill in the OTP.
  4. You’ll get Rs 10 signup bonus added in your account.
ludo earning app
  1. The app will ask you for any referral code, you can use my code to earn additional Rs 10. 
ludo earning app
  1. Use this money to win the games and then transfer the amount to your bank account.
ludo earning app
  1. You can check your ranking in the leaderboard and compare it with your friends.
ludo earning app

#6. Gamezy ludo earning game

Gamezy is one of the most popular gaming platforms of our generation. The brand ambassador of this platform is KL Rahul, so you can guess the enormity of this platform. The app is offered by Gamezy Official. This app host a large number of games from Ludo, Rummy, Poker to Fantasy Games. It offers games for all types and ages of people. 

Further, the point that it has no bots makes it more challenging and fun. It can be downloaded from Google Play Store. Whats astonishing about this app is that it gives you Rs 100 when a person signup using your referral code and also gives Rs 50 to that person. This amount is huge as compared to any other app or platform. 

Gamezy referral code: 9JO4D5

The app has been downloaded by over 1 crore people and it was just released in 2020 on the google Play Store.

Steps to earn from Gamezy official platform-

  1. Download the app from google play store.
  2. Signup using your phone number and enter the OTP to verify the number.
  3. Enter my referral code to get Rs 50 instantly.
ludo earning app
  1. Choose any game of your preference like Ludo, Carrom, Snooker, Rummy etc.
ludo earning app
  1. All the winning amount can be transferred to your bank account with the help of Paytm, Google pay, Visa, Mastercard, UPI etc.
  2. You need to have a minimum of Rs 200 balance in your Gamezy account to withdraw money.

#7. Mpl

You must have heard about MPL (Mobile Premier League), the leading Fantasy Gaming platform of India alongside Dream11. 

The platform is famous for large cash prizes upto Rs 1 lakh that help the game become more challenging and fun. Apart from the game winnings you get the opportunity to earn huge money through referral system in which you get Rs 100 per person when your friends signup in the app through your referral code and they get Rs 50. 

You also get 5% commission on the first deposit by your friend in his account and 20% platform fee for 30 days on the amount that your friend has. It is almost living like in a dream. 

ludo earning app

The app also deposits promo money in your account after every month so that you can play with that money if you have nil balance. However the promo gets expired in 3 days if the deposit is not used.

MPL ludo earn money app referral code NDA8R4D8

Steps to earn through MPL-

  1. Download the app from google chrome through its official website.
ludo earning app
  1. Signup in the app using your contact number and add money in the account to start playing tournaments.
  2. You can also use the money you get as joining bonus i.e. Rs 50 plus the money you get after filling referral code.
ludo earning app
  1. When you select a game, you get multiple offers to choose from. Like you can join the 2 player contest with Rs 20 winning amount or 802 player contest with Rs 7500 winning amount.
ludo earning app
  1. You can withdraw you winning amount with the help of Paytm, UPI, google pay, bank transfer etc.

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#8. KhiladiAdda

KhiladiAdda is a new name in the world of Ludo. Though it was launched in 2019 but it has rose to fame just recently. It has 1.3 million users and 3 lakh active users every month. It is more of an esports platform rather than a Ludo game. That means people can choose various game to play on and bet their money to compete with others on this platform.

The app offers game like Ludo, Freefire, Bgmi, Quizzes and many more. 

Khiladi Adda referral code: 13xd94o4

Steps to earn money through KhiladiAdda app-

  1. Download the app from its official website and sign up using your phone number.
ludo earning app
  1. As soon as you sign up in the app you will get Rs 5 as joining bonus.
ludo earning app
  1. There’s not much scope of earning  money from this app apart from the winnings because the referral amount you earn through each friend is Rs 5 only.
ludo earning app
  1. So you will have to add the money in the account yourself to play matches costing Rs 150, Rs 300, Rs 500 etc or otherwise refer this app to a hundred friends just to earn Rs 500. 
ludo earning app
  1. The same Rs 500 can be earned in MPL or Gamesy just by referring to 5 friends.


I hope that you have understood about the ludo earning app and the dream ludo money earning app. I have share with you the top gaming apps that you can play with to earn money from Ludo.

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Today we learnt-

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  3. Ludo earning game

If you have any queries then feel free to ask me in the comment section below, I’ll be at your service.


FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Prime ludo hunt referral code

The referral code for prime Ludo hunt is HLeSGE. You can use this code to sign up in the app and use the money to play games.

Gamezy ludo app

Gamezy is one of the leading gaming platforms in India which specializes in fantasy gaming and offers Ludo, Carrom, Snooker, Rummy, Poker etc. to its million count user base. You can use this referral code to earn money and play in the 9JO4D5

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